10 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites You Should Try

Have you ever come across spoofing GIFs around the social media network or anywhere around the web? If you had so, then it is done with the contemporary Deepfake application!

Surprised? Yep, it is Deepfake technology!

Do you want to know the best ten Deepfake apps in the market to try out for fun? Then this info capsule is created exclusively for you! To nourish your curiosity, we have come up with the information on basic technology behind the deepfake app; it’s uses, and the caveats for using it.

Okay, let’s plunge in!

What are Deepfake Apps?

Deepfake application is an evolving artificial intelligence (A.l) technology that uses machine learning and deep learning concepts to create an audiovisual caricature or mimic of the real face. In simple terms, it is the way of using deep learning methodologies to fake the real. So it is called Deepfake technology.

Sounds brilliant right? Yup, it is! Now let’s see it’s windfalls.

What are the Applications of Deepfake Apps?

It is more predominantly used by individuals to create their funny cartoon visuals across their social media networks. But Deep fake is created to benefit the mighty entertainment industry. Yes, it is used in artistic works and to create films with digital actors.

The gaming industry is gaining more benefits with this technology. Where it is used to swap the user’s real image on the virtual gaming environment. Media, entertainment, and gaming sectors are winning more prominence in the market with this deep fake technology.

The Caveat of Deepfake Apps

As every technology has its own benefits and drawbacks, deepfake software also has some severe caveats! Acts, like faking the pictures of people with malicious intent or deceiving the society, are under strict legal penalties.

Apart from fun and entertainment, there are some basic human ethics and morals we should practice before taking up this powerful technology on hand. So here we list out the ten best deepfake apps and websites that are only used for fun and not used to destroy any impressions around the globe.

Top 10 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites



The new Face App is reigning in the digital society. We could see a lot of digital promotions across the web for this app now. It is created by the Russian company, Wireless Lab.

This app is built with neural networks concepts to make the original face to look younger, older, or even to change the gender. It does receive critics on the web yet it’s winning a large user base.

Download (AndroidiOS)



This is a simple face swapping app in GIFs. It is easy to use and earning popularity among memes creators and animators.

Doublicat uses Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), Reface AI to substitute the user input with the original data of the GIF. This modest and modern AI tool is for real fun and entertainment.

Download (Android iOS)



Zao could create an instant fake audiovisual content. It is one of the popular applications in China where the user can generate spoof videos from its library of clips from the famous Hollywood shows.

Presently, it is available only in China, but you can download its APK file and install it on your Android device. We can expect it’s the availability sooner.

Download (AndroidiOS)

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Deep Art

Deep art

As the name indicates, it is designed to create fake artwork of ancient monuments. Users can swap their faces on the legendary monuments and artwork. 

You would be thrilled to see your faces on those most celebrated artworks. It has the ability to change any photo to the artwork. 

It’s AI and machine learning technology is trained to the best with the works of the best brains and most prominent artists across the world.

Visit Website



It is a software in the Windows operating system that has the ability to create a deep fake video from scratch. It is widely used by computer scientists and researchers to learn more about image recognition technology.

It uses human image synthesis models to train and test the various given data to arrive at an expected inference. It helps in learning computer vision more productively.

Download here

Face Swap by Microsoft

Face recognition app developed by Microsoft to just swap the faces and change the natural attributes. It could modify your facial features, hairstyles, skin tone, and lot more. The technology used here is, advanced image recognition concept that has the capacity to modify the image content without losing its natural prospects.

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To use this application, you need to have a higher-end graphical processing unit with at least a 4GB RAM. Yes, it is a powerful tool for processing image data for research purposes.

Also, it is fun to swap images with accurate resolutions. It’s a free tool that can be applied in educational and research purposes.

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If you like Marvel superheroes, then you would love this app, where you can swap your face on the Marvel Superhero. You would be surprised to see you on the Avengers Family.

It is designed to produce a static 3D image of your face on the Marvel Superhero model. It’s used for fun and entertainment GIFs.

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DeepFakes Web 

DeepFakes Web, it’s a cloud platform and a web service.  You need to have great patience for using this app because it would consume a lot of time to train and test the machine learning models.

If you are a researcher on deepfake software, then you can give a try to learn more about computer vision. Data rendering on the cloud is a real challenge here.

Visit Website

Face Swap Live

FaceSwap Live, yep you can change and modify the face attributes on a live session in social media. You can put stickers, swap with your friend’s faces, apply dynamic 3D effects and create images on the go. It would be exciting to do such live sessions with your friends and family. 

Visits Website

Are you excited to try out these apps? 

Give it a try and know more about the bounties of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. These are the best productive yet fun deepfake apps you must try in this era of artificial intelligence!

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