16 Best Cartoon Picture Apps To Cartoonify Yourself

Tired of being an adult? then these Cartoon picture Apps will take you back to your innocent childhood days. From Tom and Jerry to Doremon, every child in us lives a thousand of these characters and loves them even when we grow up. From the age of Beyblades and Pokemon to now Instagram and Facebook (and we still don’t catch them all) most of our lives are drenched in being socially appreciative and we somehow fail to live up to this myriad of expectations. Caught in the worldly hassle to be rich and successful, we miss being kids.

We now live for Sundays and only on Sundays and in these efforts we fail to laugh uncontrollably and live without shame. While we do not have a time turner, you can still relive those childhood moments and take a pause from our failed adulting efforts.

Think of the days when all we worried about studies, exams, why do we have to remember trigonometry and its formulae. Those were actually the happiest days of our lives and a major part of our childhood. Be it bravo or Dexter or Scooby Dooby, we miss them as dearly as we miss our childhood. And like we relive our childhood by seeing our childhood pictures and our toys and thing, let us walk down memory lane and live back the childhood making some cartoonist pictures with Cartoon picture App For iPhone and Android smartphones.

Cartoon Picture App For Android

Fotor – Photo Editor & Design


Fotor is an amazing photo editing app that offers a wide range of features for both basic and advanced editing.

  • A wide range of filters and effects to enhance your photos, including cartoonist, black and white, and vintage effects. You can easily turn photos into cartoons with one click.
  • A built-in collage maker that allows you to combine multiple photos into a single image.
  • A range of frames, stickers, and text overlays to add a creative touch to your photos.
  • The ability to create photo cards, posters, and social media graphics with pre-designed templates.
  • A “focus” feature that allows you to draw attention to a specific area of your photo.

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Painnt – Pro Art Filters

Painnt - Pro Art Filters

With a wide range of filter choice, some other salient features of this cartoon picture app for Android are –

  • You can use this app to convert your photos into artwork.
  • The app has more than 100 filters to apply to your photos.
  • The range of filters includes abstract, comic, and classical.
  • Share your artwork through emails and Facebook.
  • Comes with its watermark.
  • High-resolution paintings.

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Cartoon Photo Editor

This app offers you amazing features as follows –

  • To add cartoon effects to your actual photos.
  • Directly take photos and apply real-time effects and filters.
  • Easy to zoom in and out with a simple pinch of fingers.
  • Save images to your phone storage.
  • A wide range of options available including sketching, painting, pencil sketch, etc.
  • You may make use of both cameras – back and front camera.

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Cartoon Photo Editor – Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Picture App for Android

Cartoon Photo Editor supports the following features-

  • Conversion of photos into cartoons.
  • Adding cartoon photo filters.
  • Compatible with selfie camera to makeover cartoon style photo in real-time.
  • The app has an in-built editor also.

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Cartoon Photo

cartoon photo app

The exclusive features of the app are –

  • One of its main features is it supports photos as well as videos.
  • Filters, effects, and stickers can be applied in real-time.
  • Unlimited options to choose from.
  • Support photo and video sharing on social networks.
  • Can check the preview of the photo you made.

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Cartoon Photo Maker – Picture Converter Editor App


The list of its awesome features are –

  • This photo converter App is superbly easy to use with sleek navigation.
  • Hundreds of different and unique cartoon filters are available.
  • Supporting selfie camera.
  • Around 10 cartoon arts, all are looks stunning.
  • Create cartoon pictures in 3 easy steps

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Cartoon Photo Effect – Pictures Cartoon


This Cartoon picture App for Android has a lot of features to provide its users. Some prominent are –

  • The app is the combination of drawings, editor, and sketcher.
  • It serves as a photo editor, photo maker, and photo frame app.
  • Gives a glamorous cartoon-style look to your photo.
  • Caricature to Anime, so many filters are there for you.
  • Simple, free, and trouble-free to use.

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Anime Face Changer – Cartoon Photo Editor


For app is for people who love anime. The features include-

  • Quickly turn your photos into anime pictures.
  • Choose any of your favorite cartoon characters and transform your photo like them.
  • Professional level of photo editing is permissible in this app.
  • Face changer feature is also provided in the app for free.
  • Artwork, photo editor, and artistic photo generator.

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Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator


This is another lovely cartoon maker app that takes you back to childhood. See what the app has to offer you –

  • Create your own Cartoon Avatar.
  • Different types of Cartoon Avatar dress.
  • Different types of girl dresses.
  • Endless possibilities to create your cartoon Avatar.
  • Share your new avatar with friends on Social media.
  • Easy and seamless to use.

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Cartoon Maker- Cartoon Photo Editor


One of the easiest Cartoon Picture App for Android, this app has many appealing features which are –

  • 30+ Cartoon effect to select the one that suits your face.
  • Save the photos created by you.
  • Share the newly designed photos on social space like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Superhero comic maker with animation effects.
  • All the comic characters, whatever you wish for including Manga comic.
  • Free and extremely easy to use.

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Best Cartoon Picture App For iPhone

Cartoon Photo Filters

The App has got exciting features, which are –

  • You can turn your every photo into art.
  • There are numerous filters to choose from.
  • Free and amazingly easy to use.
  • From anime to sketch, find all the photo effects.
  • You can add text on photos.
  • Adjust temperature, brightness, focus, etc.
  • Create HD photos.

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Cartoon yourself video effects

This Cartoon Picture App For iPhone has fabulous features to offer you, check them –

  • Turn yourself into an animated cartoon.
  • Realistic emotions and fun face morphs.
  • Choose an emotion you want out of the variety of them.
  • Select your photos from the phone gallery.
  • Directly share photos to Instagram, Facebook.

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Cartoon Yourself

Here’re the wonderful cartoonist features of this app –

  • Cartoonize your image with a simple and sleek user interface.
  • Apply tons of cartoon effects.
  • Share reformed pictures on Facebook, Instagram and alike
  • Add stickers and realistic effects to your cartoon pictures.
  • Write sassy captions or anything on your pictures.
  • Choose the shape of the frame you like say heart, star, flag, square or circle.

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Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

This Cartoon Picture App for iPhone allows you to enjoy the following features –

  • You may makeover as many pictures as you want.
  • You can create funny videos as well.
  • Easy to operate at your fingertips.
  • An array of colors to take from.
  • Retouch your creation using your finger touch.
  • You can also print your creation.

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Sketch Me!

With more than 9 Million downloads, this app has the following features to offer you –

  • 10+ real-looking sketch effects.
  • Convert any photo to sketch.
  • Adjust to a unique style
  • Share your Sketches with friends on Facebook.
  • Perfect to make sketches.

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MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

This one is a Caricature App and has the following features at your disposal.

  • Create a cartoonist picture in just a few seconds.
  • Personalized emoticons with your face.
  • Customize your creations and share them with your friends.
  • Interact with other users.
  • Win prizes and make friends.
  • Personalized products made just for you.

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