10 Best Audio Editing Softwares (Windows & MAC)

Do you like creating your own ringtone? Well everyone has a musician in them, and if not a musician then definitely a DJ. But how do you edit the different audios and make your own tone? For this you need to have audio editing software.

Using this software now you can get the best of best experiences of audio editing and preparing your own ringtones and different audio clips in just few minutes. Now the next question is which are the best audio editing software available in the market.

So here is the list of the top 10 the best audio editing software for MAC and Windows which you can purchase to edit the audios and make your own tones.

1. Adobe Audition

This is one of the best audio editing program, it provides the user with audio slicing and restoration and even remixing of various sounds that can help you to get a DJ effect. This is the best option to choose if you want to edit the audio on your PC. This even supports all types of formats and can even be helpful to convert into different formats.

  • Price: The cost of the adobe audition is about 349 dollars with full licenses.
  • Accessibility: Windows & MAC OS.

2. Audacity

If you are looking for software that is completely free than you can for this one. Audacity is the best audio editing software this software has almost all the audio editing features in it which makes it professional despite of all of this it requires a separate encoder. It has one of the brilliant features in it which is the noise reduction and unnecessary background sound reduction as well.

  • Price: Free.
  • Accessibility: Windows 8, 7, Xp and Mac Os X 10.5.

3. Avid Pro Tools

Another very popular and widely known audio editing tool is avid pro tools, this is used by different professionals and experts to edit the audios. It also provides many inbuilt instrument sounds and even the plug in supports to extend the functionality of the software. With this you can easily be a virtual DJ.

  • Price: 699 dollars.
  • Accessibility: Windows 8/10, Mac OS.

4. Wave Pad

Wave pad supports the popular music formats like the MP3, wax, ogg and the aac and the wma etc.  The software is quite user friendly and it has many smart features that are added to its premium version of the software which is the auto start recording trim.

  • Price – The price of the premium version is only 39.95 dollars.
  • Accessibility –The software is available on the Windows, Mac, Android & iOS.

5. Ardour

The best quality of this audio editing software is that this is not only user friendly but also very professional. One can make the use of this software to even customize the usability and use the plug INS according to the software. This software is used by the professional engineers and the musicians and the sound tracks as well.

  • Price: The cost of the audio editing software is negligible as the person has to pay only about 1 dollar as donation fee.
  • Accessibility: The software is available on the Intel OS, OS X (Yosemite) and the Intel Linux.

6. Wavosour

So if you are looking for an audio editor which is free is wavosour, with this you can easily manage different sound tracks at once. The software has some extreme advance features like the batch processing ability, file exporting through the third party software and it also supports multi channel audio editing support.

  • Price: Free.
  • Accessibility: The software is available on the Windows XP, 7, vista.

7. Presonus Studio one

Another great audio editing tool, this is the best for the beginners as the interface is quite easy. Though the features it has to offer are quite professional, it works like a one shop stop for editing different types of audios. It even has an artistic version of it.

  • Price: The cost of the audio editing software of the artistic version is just 85 dollars.
  • Accessibility: The software is available on Windows, Mac and OS.

8. Steinburg Cubase

Very popular software when it comes to music production tools and the digital audio workstations. And the latest version of the cubase brings about various professional features. It even has seam less integration with the current music studio hardware and even an award winning audio engine, it is the best for the song writers.

  • Price: The cost of the audio editing software is 99.99 Euros for the Cubase pro 8.
  • Accessibility: The software is available for windows 7 and 8/10 and Mac OS X.

9. Reaper Editor

Reaper is a very light weight audio editing tool and it has n number of plugins available which extends its functionality. The interface of this is very easy to use and flexible. It even has built in sounds and remixing tools and different collection of sound effects.

  • Price: The cost for individual purpose is just 60 dollars and for commercial license it is 225 dollars.
  • Accessibility: It is available for windows, Mac and the OS as well

10. Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

This is a Sony product, this is often known as the home studio. The interface of this software is very easy to understand and one can even use it for professional purpose. Sony has even included 24 bit/ 192KHz in the sound forge audio studio 10 so that you get an amazing experience of the sound quality. It even has quite pre installed audio effects that are quite impressive.

  • Price: The cost of the audio editing software is about 59.95 dollars.
  • Accessibility: The software is available for Windows & MAC OS X.



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