15 Cool Build.Prop Tweaks That Doesn’t Break Your Smartphone

Android is the most versatile mobile operating system. It offers a high level of customizability. Every operating system has its own configuration file in which it stores all the core functioning values of the system. For Android, this file is called the Build.Prop.

If you have a rooted device then modifying the Build.Prop file opens the door to further tweaking your device. All you need is a root file explorer, and a root text editor to take your device to the next level.

Before making any changes it’s recommended to backup your Build.Prop file. This file can be found in the ‘System’ folder of your device.

So, if you’re looking for the best Build.Prop tweaks for your Android smartphone, then you have landed on the right page. We have compiled a list of 15 tweaks you can try without breaking your smartphone.

Increase Internet Speed

Do you have poor internet speed? Fortunately, you can increase your Android device’s average internet speed by increasing the TCP’s Buffer size. Additionally, we can force the device to use the Google DNS server. This will indirectly increase the website loading speed. This is a tried and tested way to improve your Internet speed.

net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960



Enhance Image Quality

To minimize the amount of computing power available, the Android System does not view the entire content of the image. Instead, it renders the image at a lower quality. This is fine for most of the users, but if you want to view your images in the highest quality. You can easily improve the output by changing the values listed below.


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Disable the black screen after just a phone call

There might be situations when the phone’s proximity sensor fails to work correctly, leading to a black screen for a few moments after the call is ended. This can be taken care of by adjusting the proximity sensor delay, as seen below.



Switch on Auto Rotation on the Lock Screen

Previous versions of Android had auto-rotation allowed on the Android lock screen. But Google removed it for some unknown reasons. Nonetheless, you can conveniently unlock it by adding the below command.


Enhance Scrolling

You might have noticed that your device does not always move smoothly when scrolling through a page. You can fix this by adjusting the higher and lower fluid momentum on your device, which effectively improves scrolling efficiency.



Allow Home Screen Auto Rotation

Though custom launchers allow auto-rotation of the main screen, stock launchers and different OEM developers do not. If for some reason you want to enable auto rotation on your home screen, you can easily enable it using the below command.


Allow for a faster boot

You may have found that boot speeds on your Windows PC have decreased significantly since Windows 8. This is due to Microsoft’s introduction of Quick Startup. Android has a special feature that allows it to boot up quicker. The code below can be used to allow this.

All Apps enabled 270 Degrees rotation

The default rotation degree on each Device is 90°, 180°, and 270°. Despite this, some applications tend to rotate just 90°, and you can find yourself having to rotate the unit itself to guarantee that you’re keeping it correctly. This can be prevented by forcing 270° rotation on any and all apps using the code provided below.


When the screen is turned on, keep the backlit capacitive keys on.

If you have a smartphone with backlit capacitive keys, you might have found that the screen only turns on when you click on it. If you wish the back light to be continuously switched on, you should adjust the buffer values for the back light.


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Switch off the built-in error reporting.

Android users are all too familiar with applications collapsing on them. If the app collapsing is inconvenient, the constant warning of Error-Reporting is even more so. If you agree and want to get rid of that pesky reporting feature, execute the new lines of code to the bottom of your Build. Propertied file



Let your phone ring as soon as you get a call.

For security reasons, the Android system normally waits and validates the contact before sending the signal to the user to ring. This can be altered by adding a few lines to the edge of the Build. Prop file.



Change the DPI of your device.

DPI stands for Density Independence, which would be the ratio of the device’s resolution to display height. By adjusting the LCD Density value, you can change the DPI to fluctuate the total amount of content displayed on your phone display.


Increase the interval between Wi-Fi network checks.

The Android System searches for Wi-Fi networks every 15 seconds by contrast. Although this feature is useful, it consumes a lot of battery power. With the support of the following code, you may modify this interval.


Enhanced current effectiveness

The Android operating system has a stock output tuner, which Google, for mysterious reason, disables. You will enable it if you want to have more RAM.


Get the Launcher Memorable

Some devices have a tendency to erase the launcher app from storage during the RAM Management process. The Android Launcher is a program that consumes a lot of computational power upon startup, and clearing it from RAM consumes a lot of computing power indefinitely, resulting in a lack of vital battery juice. This can be avoided by using the code underneath to lock the installer app to storage.


The basic configuration file for the majority of features of the Android system is the Build.Prop file. You may adjust the majority of the device’s functionality to meet your preferences or needs. These are among the most helpful and practical Build.Prop modifications you can use on your Android smartphone.

We’ve added modifications that work on the most recent versions, including Android O. Please share your stories with tinkering with the Build. Properties file

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