12 Best Nova Launcher Themes


Android is one customizable platform that allows core portions of the operating system to be replaced with an application written by a third party. This particular feature is most evident in various launcher applications that one can find on Google Play. Right from the home page to widgets, from the icons to the fonts, from application drawer to screen contrast everything can be customized as and how a user finds fit for them. If we can pool some Android users, one can definitely locate a big difference in the manner in which each of their phone look and function and also acts and feels. One of the most reliable and high-performance launchers gets a strong mention here, and it is “Nova Launcher.”

However, one thing that Nova Launcher does not have is a “Themes” section. But, Nova Launcher comes with a built-in capability to design and develop customizable themes. A wide variety of themes can be made using the features available, and we look at some of the best themes that can be designed:

 10 Best Nova Launcher Themes                                   

1. Batman Forever Theme

Wallpaper: Batman

Icon Pack: Whicons

Nova Settings: Nova Settings > Folders > Folder Preview > Grid. Hit the back button and go to Background and select the dark grey color (ff263238). Now go to App & Widget drawers > Background and set it to dark grey. Change the font colors in Desktop and Folders to white.

2. Minimalist Clean UI

Wallpaper – Download

Widget- MNML UI for Zooper

Icon Pack – Crispy Icon Pack

Nova settings: Go to Nova settings > Desktop > Desktop grid > Set it to 4 * 4. App & Widget Drawer > Turn on Swipe up to open and disable Swipe indicator. Look & Feel > Notification bar > Turn off show notification bar to make the notification bar transparent. Desktop > Icon layout > Set the icon size to 110%.

3. Oreo Nova Launcher Theme

After testing the Nova version 5 was finally pushed away and a new combination has come up which may say is a Nova launcher, if you are actually in search of something that is fresh and unique then I guess this is the best option for you.

Wallpaper: Wallrox Mountain.

Icon: polycon

Widget – Pixel Widget

Nova Settings – Nova settings > Desktop > Search bar style, bar style# 4. Folders > Folder background > Pixel launcher.

4. Elegant Nova Launcher theme

Well this Nova launcher theme has a modern interface, and the icons are minimal on the desktop screen.  This has a look like of your smartphone screen, where the icons are small in size. The best thing about this theme is that it can work for both the Nova as well as the go and Apex.

Wallpaper:  Wallrox Mountain

Icon: Glyphsy

Nova settings: Go to App & Widget Drawer > Enable Card background and select the background 75 percent transparent.

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5. Fun Theme

This is a very vibrant theme with soothing colors and a youthful look and feel. Popular among youngsters this theme is surely here to stay.

Wallpaper: Wallrox Wallpapers

Widgets: Shuttle

Icons: Glim Icon Pack

Nova Settings: Wallpaper Scrolling (Off) ,Desktop > Scroll Effects > Zoom fade.

6. Android N Theme 

While there are other ways to get the Android N look on any Android device, you can do so via our Android N Nova launcher theme too. A very sleek and a classy theme which gives a very stylish feel to the entire user experience.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Android N 1) or Android N official wallpaper

Icons: Moonshine Icon Pack

Widgets: Stock Digital Clock

Nova Settings: The icon Size Desktop & Dock (140%) and it has a simple Scroll Effect and absolutely none Wallpaper Scrolling, Folder Preview (Grid), the constant bar to be switched on and choose the Bar style #1 and logo style #1.

7. Dark Theme

Even though bright colors make a mobile look vibrant but dark themes too have their own aura and charm. The dark theme is for all the black color lovers and people who like a professional feel during their mobile experience. A very popular Nova launcher theme with an excellent user value.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (BW30)

Icons: Min Icon Pack

Widgets: Minimal UCCW widget, Shuttle (transparent)

Nova Settings: Constant Search Bar to be switched on, Search Bar (Bar Style#3 and the Logo Style #4), Night mode (only).

8. Iron Man Theme

Who does not love Iron Man? Well, I don’t know any people who are averse to Iron Man wallpaper on the mobiles. It not only makes them look cool but also stylish and sleek. This Nova launcher theme is Very popular among youngsters and superhero fans (Well there are a lot of them certainly!!)

Wallpaper: Iron Man melting art

Icons: Golden Icon Pack

Widgets: Zooper Theyrecoming, Shuttle (Transparent)

Nova Settings:  Nova settings > Desktop > Wallpaper scrolling(Off), Look & feel > disable Show notification bar, App & Widget drawer > background > transparency 100%.

9. Minimal Theme

The Minimal theme is aimed at people who like to keep things simple and clean. The theme brings all of that and looks beautiful too. With a very soothing look and feel and user-friendly customizations, this too is one the most popular themes doing the round in the market.

Wallpaper: Minima Live Wallpaper

Icons: Nimbbi Icon Pack

Widgets: 1Weather, Month Calendar

Nova Settings: Desktop > Search Bar Style > choose the bar style #1 and the logo style #2.

10. Pokémon Go Theme

Everyone is a Pokémon fan and with the game been many people’ obsession lately this theme becomes one of the most popular Nova launcher theme. The theme consists of minimalist wallpaper and monster ball icons with is taken from the Google Play store.

Wallpaper: Wallrox

Icon:  Monster ball

Nova settings: Default.

11. Colorful Theme

Like bright colors splashed all across your Android home screen? If yes, the Colorful theme should surely make sure that your device’s display looks beautiful.

Wallpaper: Backgrounds HD (Aotaro Sharp Colored Pencils)

Icons: Rondo Icon Pack

Widgets: Rondo Clock, 1Weather

Nova Settings:  The icon and desktop size is about 120 percent, the search bars is switched on and choose the bar style #2, Select (yellow) as the page indicator color and circular folder background.

12. Material Design Theme

The unique selling point of this theme is its unique icons and vibrant wallpapers. With a wide array of authentic and multi-dimensional icons to choose from this is a must have theme for all the android.

Wallpaper: Wallrox (Material 37)

Icons: Polycon Icon Pack

Widgets: Minimalist Clock, Minimalistic Text Battery, Buzz Weather

Nova Settings: About 120 percent of icon size and desktop size, search bar#2 bar style, the desktop grid is about (4 X 4).

Yes, Nova Launcher may be the best thing that ever happened to Android. Endless customization (without fiddling or flashing anything) is important to plenty of us. Android has the reputation of allowing anyone to do just about anything to the way their phone looks and how it performs the basics and Nova Launcher give both the experienced and the veterans among us an easy way to do all of it.


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