How to Permanently Block a Website in 2023

There might be several reasons why you need to block specific websites, either permanently or temporarily. You may be a parent or a business manager who wishes to keep dangerous, ineffective, or inappropriate websites out of the reach of your children/employees. You could also be a self-employed worker who needs to manage your own productivity.

It is easy to block websites from your computer, smartphone, or an entire network, and there are several methods for doing so. Access to disturbing websites can be revoked manually through the device settings, utilizing downloadable software/apps, as well as through browser extensions. 

We’ve gathered all of these methods in one place, complete with the best software and simple step-by-step directions, suitable even if you’re blocking for yourself, another person, or an entire organization. 

How to Block Websites on Mobile

how to block websites

On a computer, there are many other ways to block websites; however, mobile users have fewer choices. It is difficult to gain access to core files and settings that enable you to manually block websites. As a result, you’ll just have to rely on apps to complete the task.

  • Trying an App

To block websites over most mobile devices, you’ll need to use apps. These are similar to available for download computer programs in that they can be customized and work throughout multiple browsers. 

For Android devices, it is quite easy to download and use some apps that are specifically designed for blocking your distractive usage over some apps and websites. Here are a few Android apps that can help.

  • FocusMe: FocusMe is an app and web page blocker that allows you to track how much time you end up wasting and set usage limits or schedules. Teach yourself to pay less attention to your phone and more attention to your work.
  • BlockSite: Break bad habits by blocking the loading of any distracting apps or websites. Configure content filters, start concentrating timers, and schedule that suit your needs.
  • Freedom: There is an Android app for the PC application, and it appears to work just as well to assist you to control your time. Create your own block lists and sync those across devices. You can also enable locked medium to prevent you from evading the ban.

Most of these apps are also available for iOS devices. However, if you use the Safari browser, then there is an easy way to block websites. Here is a quick guide on how to block websites on safari

Block Sites with Hosts File or Firewall

You can use this technique to reroute all traffic from that domain to the local machine, starting to cause it to actually stop loading. In Windows 10, here’s how to do something:

  • Click the folder icon in your taskbar to launch File Explorer. Copy and paste C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc into the bar to the left of Search.
  • Open Notepad or another text editor by double-clicking the hosts file. Tap Enter to add a new line at the bottom of the file.
  • On a separate line, type the IP address followed by the URL of the domain you would really like to block. If you want to hide Facebook, for example, the path will look like this:

How to Block Websites Using Hosts file

  • Build a different line for each site you want to block, and follow the same steps again.

Enable Parental Controls

Windows includes parental controls that allow you to block websites for many other users on the device. Here’s how to permit it in Windows 10:

  • Enter “Add, edit, or remove other users” into the search window and click the output to open the Family & other users tab. To add an additional user, select Add a family member.
  • To establish a family group on your desktop, create a Microsoft family account.
  • Log in to the family account, click this same new user’s name, and afterward click Content Restrictions. Then go to Web Browsing and enable Block inappropriate websites. So you can add new websites to block and only allow specific sites.

Block Sites Through Router

Changing router settings allows you to block sites throughout all browsers and computers, regardless of the operating system. Remember that doing so will affect everyone in your home or business.

  • Find your router’s IP address and enter it into the address bar of any browser to access its settings page. To discover it, try or, and then use this guide. You’ll also need the username and password for your router. If you haven’t changed it, the default username is admin, and the default password is admin. If it doesn’t work, consult the manual for your router.
  • Take a glance for a setting called Block Sites, Access Restrictions, or something related when you’re in your router’s settings page. It could be found under Security, Parental Controls, or Advanced. Because each router is unique, consult your manual once more.
  • Once you’ve found the setting, enter the same domains you want to prevent access to. No one linked to this network can now access that website.

Use Productivity Software

Time management software is frequently the best approach for single-computer, temporary blockage of distracting websites. These programs are downloadable as well as highly customizable, allowing you to specify when you are permitted to visit specific websites or start a timer that prevents you from accessing distracting social media. They can also monitor your browser usage and emphasize the sites that are wasting your time.


In conclusion, If you would not want to deal with software, manual blocking via the hosts file, firewall, or router is a great alternative. However, this is only appropriate if you want to completely disable access to specific websites. Furthermore, if you want to block specific websites for numerous users on a single network, you should be using web filtering software or block through the router. 

Choose the method that works best for you, and then get back into the workforce on your projects without distractions. Do you use web page blocking software to help you concentrate on your work? Is it having a positive effect on your productivity? Let us know in the comment section how well this technique worked for you.


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