How to Hide Facebook Post from One or Specific Friends

Sometimes we don’t want some people to see our Facebook post. But if you set the privacy of the post to friends then all your friends would be able to see that post. Our friends list usually consist of family members, evil peoples (like Boss, Clients, and Ex-girlfriends) and hi-bye buddies.

Maybe you want to roast your Boss or post some naughty stuff without embarrassing yourself in front of your family members. If you are in such a situation where you want to hide the post from some specific people then this article is for you.

Hide Facebook Post from Specific People

  • First of all login to your Facebook account and write the status which you want to update.
  • Once you’re done click the Public button which is to the left of the Post button and click on More Options.

more options

  • Now you could see some more options, click on Custom.

custom option

  • A new Custom Privacy dialog will popup, here you have the choice to either share the post with specific friends or hide the post from specific friends.
  • Under “Don’t share with” enter the name of your friends from whom you want to hide the post or status.

hide status with some people

  • In case if you want to make the post visible to only specific friends then under “Share with” enter the name of friends with whom you want to share the post.
  • Click on save and publish the post.
  • Now those people won’t be able to see your post.

How to use this effectively?

If you want to hide your post regularly or permanently from specific people then instead of following the above process, again and again, you could simply create a list and add these people to that list. To do so follow the below guide.

  • Click this link and click on Create List.
  • Now enter the List name and add the members from which you want to hide your posts.

create list

  • Click on the Create button to create the list.
  • Once the list is created, now go to your Facebook settings and click on Privacy.
  • In privacy, click the edit option next to “Who can see your future posts?

who can see your future posts

  • Now from the drop down box select More options and further select the custom option.

custom privacy through settings

  • Again the custom privacy dialog will pop up. This time, simply add the list name under Don’t share with section to hide your posts from all the members present in the list.

custom privacy settings

  • If you just want to show your status with few friends then you can add them in the Share with section.
  • Click on save changes and now you the next time you post something the custom privacy settings will get automatically applied.

custom settings

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