How to Block YouTube on Your Computer & Smartphone (Quickly)

YouTube is a useful application in the fields of education, news, and entertainment. It provides various important information on learning a new thing. But sometimes it is not feasible to have YouTube on your device.

There are a good number of videos on the platform that can distract us. So kids, students, or employees of a specific organization may be restricted from those videos. Then you have to lock this application on some particular devices. Here we are going to discuss 4 different methods to block YouTube.

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4 Ways to Block Youtube on Your Network


Change Your Router Setting

This is one of the best ways to block YouTube from your network. If you usually use WiFi on your devices then this will block youtube from your PC and mobile devices. You can follow these steps to block YouTube by changing your router settings-

  • Open any of the browsers on your device.
  • In the browser type and hit enter. If it doesn’t show you a login page then try the below IP address, depending on your router.
    • Comcast –
    • AT&T U-verse –
    • ASUS –
    • D-Link/NetGear –
    • Linksys –
    • Belkin –
  • Next, you have to log in to the admin portal of the router. Use admin as both the Username & Password.
  • Then go to access control, and under access control select Target.


  • In Target Settings, click on Add New.
  • In the Mode drop-down menu select Domain Name.

  • Add YouTube under the domain name field and save the settings.

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Use The Device Setting 

Follow these steps to block YouTube on your iOS devices.

  • Open the settings of your device.
  • Go to the general menu.
  • Open restriction. Tap on enable restrictions. Enter the password of the device.
  • Go to websites from allowed content.


  • Then select limit adult content. Under the head of never allow, tap on add a website. Enter in that field.
  • Exit settings. Try to log on to to monitor the change.

You can check these steps to block YouTube on Android (Root Access Needed):

  • Downlod ES file explorer.
  • Tap on the “/” option. Scroll down to hosts.
  • From the appeared menu select Open As > Text > ES Editor > Edit.
  • A text box will appear. Enter “” in that.
  • Power off your phone. Then start in and check whether YouTube is blocked or not.

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Enable Restricted Mode On YouTube

To allow restricted mode on YouTube you can follow the procedure:

  • At first sign in to your YouTube account.
  • Scroll down to the extreme bottom of the page. You will see the restricted mode drop-down menu there.


  • Turn it on and click on save.

It will hinder all the restricted content from popping up on your YouTube.

Use Browser Extensions

You can use block site extension on Chrome and Firefox to limit YouTube usage.

  • In Google Chrome, go to extensions.
  • After that search for Block Site extension. Click on add to chrome. A pop up will appear. Click add extensions on that.

block site extension

  • An icon will be added on the chrome.
  • Now click on the icon and go to options.
  • It will restrict the listed websites from accessing. Enter there. Click on the add page.
  • But anyone can change the Block Site setting on the machine. For that, you may add a password in the uninstall protection option from the premium version of Block Site.
  • Try to open YouTube to check if the extension is working or not.

These are the 4 easy methods to block YouTube on your PC or mobile phones.

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