How to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos (Easiest Way)

YouTube is the biggest hub to watch all types of videos but it is very painful when you want to watch a particular video and it shows ‘Restricted’ – This Video is Not Available in Your Country. Many YouTube videos are blocked in a particular country or the uploader of video sets such restrictions. Sometimes due to copyright issues as well, you can be deprived of watching videos.

Whatever be the reason, the level of annoyance faced is the same. Well, one of the commonly used methods is to make use of a VPN to encrypt your IP address and access the video but there are some other workarounds as well.  These methods will help you to unlock YouTube videos without really changing your location.[no_toc]

Unblock YouTube

It’s a very easy and handy tool to unblock YouTube videos. Users like it due to the ease of its use. All you need to have is the URL of the video you want to unlock. Paste the URL link in the box and the video will play soon. Check out below the step by step guide for using – unblock YouTube.

  • Visit the website – Unblock YouTube
  • There lies a search box at the end of the page.
  • Copy the video URL to unblock.
  • Paste the copied URL in the search box.
  • Click the surf button and the video will play.

So easy isn’t it! However, the only catch is that it fetches the video connecting through the Europe server. So, if the video you want to play is restricted in Europe, you will be unlucky in that case.


ProxFree is another wonderful solution to unblock any YouTube videos. It is a proxy site that lets you spoof your location. It is a very customizable tool for this purpose. Unlike the one above, there are greater options for changing locations. Here is how you can make use of ProxFree –

  • Visit the ProxFree Website.
  • Enter the URL of the video to watch.
  • There appear some options to you like server location.
  • Set any location closest to your current place.
  • Also, you have to set the IP address Location. (It is that location that you want to show YouTube that you are accessing from)


Let’s understand the significance of both these locations through an example. Imagine you are sitting in the U.S and wish to watch any video accessible only to Canada. You have to set the server location in the U.S and that of IP address in Canada.


This is a bit different than both the methods mentioned above. It does not imitate the IP address or server location but mirrors the YouTube videos for watching them without changing the server location. Mirroring YouTube videos is very easy. The URL of the video is similar to YouTube’s video, the only difference is the word ‘YouTube’ in the URL is replaced by ‘TubeUnblock’. Entering such a URL, you will be able to watch any blocked YouTube videos without any problem.

Now As we already told you, the last resort is using a VPN. Here is how –

Using VPN

The methods for unblocking YouTube videos given above are called proxy. Proxies redirect the server location and traffic from your current location. So, YouTube won’t restrict you from watching the videos thinking that you are watching from the proxy server’s location.

Using proxies is good for watching a video or two but for unlocking the long-time restriction, VPN does a good job. There are a lot of VPN apps and websites out there. You can use the one which you find more reliable and useful. Connecting VPN is as easy as the above methods. It takes care of your privacy and data stored on your device.

Also, before you make use of the VPN (Especially if you are trying to use a VPN for the first time), you should go through the myths and facts about VPN. It will be helpful.


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