10 Free Apps to Read Comics on Android & iOS

Are you an ardent reader? Well if you are an old-fashioned reader just like me. Then you would love the feel of the book, you would love turning pages. Yes, these small things hold a charm to us! We are readers who abide by the old rules of reading a book or comic

But with the advent of technology things have changed for book and comic readers. Now you have Kindle, Audible, and various apps that help you read your favorite novel, relish a comic, etc. These readers are given a name as well, they are called “E-Readers” or electronic readers.

Comic lovers out there this article is just for you, here we are going to chalk out the top 10 apps which allow you to read your preferred comics for free.

Madefire Comics and Motion Books

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It is a nice comic’s reader app that will pleasantly impress the reader with its concept and unique features. This app takes the reader to a whole new level with motion, sound, and the ability to see the story in 3D in a 360-degree environment. This app is available on Android, iOS devices, Windows. It is also available on Apple TV and Android TV. The creators of this app directly connect with their audience/readers using the platform digital-first approach to make their titles available across platforms in multiple formats.

It has top publishers which include Marvel, DC, Valiant, Blizzard, IDW, Archie, etc. It updates its comics every week for its readers.


DC Characters

Batman Games

There is no Marvel without DC, right? DC stands for detective comics. Well, DC characters is the official app that gives you access to a full DC characters collection. This is the company that bought batman, superman, wonder women, and other iconic characters. This app enables you to keep the whole DC universe in your pockets. It also gives the latest and updated news related to DC. It has a huge library which includes old comics as well.


Marvel Comics

marvel comics 1

Marvel comics is a must-have app for most beloved fans of the Marvel universe and comic book collectors. The first thing that needs to be said is that this app has augmented reality tools that will bring your reading process to a whole new level. In other words, this app can revive your favorite printed comic books including their covers.

This app enables one to read and download thousands of comics including exclusive ones but there are some comics that one can read and download for free.  This app is bursting with single issues, it has weekly freebies, spotlight updates, and many more such interesting features.  This app is available anytime and anywhere on Android and iOS devices.

Download (Android, iOS)


comixology comics ap K8A4r

This app has a massive library of digital comics ranging from heroes, action, and horror. Additionally, this site offers hundreds of free comics to read online. It also offers classic comics and this site is a cloud-based digital distribution comic owned by Amazon, making it a reliable place to get quality comics. You can use an Amazon account to sign in. It has a guided view format which makes reading enjoyable.


Web comics

webcomics app

It is one of the most popular comic reading platforms for youth. Exclusive comics are available the reader has various options like passion, adventure etc. The readers can discuss their passion and like for comics among the community that this app offers.

Download (Android, iOS)

CIAYO Comics

ciayo comics

When you have a knack to discover something new every day, look no further than CIAYO Comics. It has various things to offer right from exciting stories to comics from various genres and that too for free.


tapas comics app

It is a digital reading app that lets users consume comics and novels in bite-sized segments. It is suitable for a 17+ audience. Here, in this app, there are no content filters in place, so parents should be warned to monitor their child’s use of the Tapas app.

The reader has various options like fantasy, passion, adventure, romantic novels, horror, and comedy. This app also forms a community where the reader can interact with fans conversing with various comics and creators probing for feedback.


Manga Plus

manga plus app

Manga plus by SHUEISHA is the official manga reader from Shueisha Inc. and is available worldwide.   They publish some of the finest comics like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and more. Readers can enjoy reading free comics which are available on daily basis.




It is the largest community of webcomics in the world. Here the reader can find everything from heroic stories, daily comic strips, romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and horror. This app also gives a feature to share your own manga.


Dark Horse comics

dark horse comics

Find your favorite comics anytime and anywhere at Darkhorse comic. It provides interesting stories from Hellboy, The Umbrella Academy, Black Hammer, Critical Role, Resident Alieb, Mass Effect, etc.

The Digital comic has become a regular consumption for today’s young people. The reading access is also easier to obtain. For bookaholics visiting the local book store is fun but expensive. So by using these apps the reader can save money and also enjoy reading free at these apps.


No matter what kind of comics the reader is into one can easily find them on these best sites for free comics.  The joy of reading online is one can revisit their favorite comic multiple times as and when required.


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