10 Free Audible Alternatives for Listening to Audiobooks

Audible, owned by Amazon, has been one of the pioneers in the digital audiobook and entertainment format. It is focused on providing audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, educational shows, and even specialized TV programs. Once you have an active subscription, you can playback the digital audio files at any point in time on any device that supports the Audible app.

However, as you may already know, Audible is not the only audiobook and digital audio provider on the market. There are several other options out there that either rival or are better than Audible. To make the process of choosing an alternative easier, we have researched the internet and listed the best options out there. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

Top 10 Alternatives to Audible in 2021

Kobo Books


Kobo is a great alternative to audible. In case you need to experience another option to read ebooks on the go. You can access all of the content with a monthly subscription that is quite cheaper than an Audible subscription. There are millions of ebooks that you can access on this platform.

This app is available on all major platforms. A great feature of this app would be the fact that you can keep any read books for later use, even after your subscription ends. The Kobo marketplace is growing at a rapid pace, with more new authors being welcomed.

Get it here: Kobo Books

Google Play Books

google audibooks

Google Play Books is one of the audiobook apps that has been around for a while and is available on most devices out there. After signing in with your Google account, you can access millions of books from around the world. The app is quite polished, as you’d expect from Google.

There is no monthly subscription involved with this app, and you can pay for the books you want to read directly. Once they are added to your Google Play library, you can easily access them anytime.

Get it here: Google Play Books



In case you’re on the lookout for a free alternative to Audible, LibriVox is a great option to try out. You can read a wide variety of public domain books for free. These books can be accessed once you’ve made an account on this website.

LibriVox is the best option if you want to read free books without any kind of subscription or payment involved. You can read all kinds of titles for free. Also, this app is available on many operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Get it here: LibriVox



Scribd offers over a million bestsellers, including a wide variety of audiobooks to try. This service is subscription-based, and hence you can access the entire library at a fixed price.

Also, you can access the Scribd service from any device, including your smartphones and computers. The audiobooks that you have downloaded are available for later use, even if your device is offline.

Get it here: Scribd



This is another alternative to Audible that allows you to borrow books from various local libraries and this includes several audiobooks that can be accessed. This app works on a wide range of devices, including Chromecast and Apple TV.

You can stream audiobooks from either your local library or directly from the app. Also, in case you want to keep your audiobooks after the subscription period, unfortunately, this app doesn’t allow you to do so.

Get it here: Hoopla



Among the various audiobook services available, eStories is one of the newer ones. You can choose from over 120 thousand audiobooks with a simple monthly subscription.

You can also carry your audiobook library anywhere and access the downloaded content even without an active internet connection. The basic plan starts from $11.99 for a month, with more features being included in higher tiers.

Get it here: eStories

AudioBook Boom

audiobook boom

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase your favorite audiobooks at the best sale prices, then AudioBook is the solution to your problems. This platform offers listeners to get books at discounted prices, and even for free on certain days of the week.

Audiobook Boom is one of the best services to try out for this purpose and is a worthy alternative to Audible. The books can be rated by the users, and new authors can make it to the top of the list and get popular on this platform.

Get it here: AudioBook Boom

Audiobooks Now

audioboks now

Audiobooks now is a cheaper alternative to Audible that you can use for the purpose of listening to your favorite audiobooks on the go. With a simple monthly subscription, you get access to thousands of exclusive audiobooks and you get to keep them after the subscription period.

Most of the titles on this website are cheaper than other alternatives on this list. Overall, the high discounts and the exclusive titles that you can get from this service make it one of the best Audible alternatives on this list.

Get it here: Audiobooks Now

Nook Audiobooks


Nook Audiobooks is an established audiobook service that has been around for a while. In case you emphasize reading quality audiobooks, Nook is one of the best options to try out.

The Nook app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and the books you purchase are synced to cloud storage for later use. The wide variety of bestsellers and rising audiobooks on this service make it a great alternative to Audible.

Get it here: Nook Audiobooks



In case you don’t read audiobooks every single day and feel like you don’t need to subscribe to a monthly subscription, then DownPour is the audiobook platform you are looking for. This service can be accessed through the website, and there are no dedicated official apps for any platform.

DownPour allows you to purchase credits and buy only the books that you want to read. The variety of titles on this platform are lower than some of the other options on this list, but the low price and convenience make up for it.

Get it here: DownPour

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