21 eBook Torrenting Sites to Get Free Books From the Internet

Ebooks are the future. We live in the age of the Internet. Everything is electronic these days. Some examples are eCommerce, eBanking, eTickets and the list goes on. So what is an Ebook? Well, an Ebook is a book converted to digital format for display on a computer screen or smartphone.

The best thing about these free ebooks is that you can take them with you anywhere in the world without weighing your bag.

Why Use eBooks?

Firstly, one can read them anywhere; moreover, it fits perfectly in the memory of your smartphone or tablet, Kindle, or cloud storage. Where do you get these fantastic ebooks from your device or cloud storage?

There are many book torrent sites that one can use to create a virtual library where you can download online to read at your convenience. In this article, we are going to recommend the best eBook torrent sites of 2020. Do some research to pick up your favorite books for free. We do recommend using a VPN while browsing torrent sites.

10 Torrent eBook Sites to Download eBooks

eBooks Torrent Sites
eBooks Torrent Sites

Now you know what types of ebook files are compatible with your device and how you can safely download them without worrying online. Here is something you would like to get. Yes! The list of the best torrent sites for ebooks. Scroll down, browse them, and enjoy the incredible feeling of reading online (or reading offline). But who cares when you have your favorite book handy?

Here is the list of torrent ebooks that one can download directly:


TorrentSites has the most comprehensive list of best torrent websites. TorrentSites helps you download torrents safely from the best sources available. Whether you’re looking for new torrent websites to download ebooks or to watch your favorite movies, TorrentSites got you covered.

You can also find the trending torrent websites, organized by popularity. I highly recommend bookmarking this site.

Books Share 

Sharing books is a blessing for all fans of electronic books. It is is one of the best book torrent sites available so far. On this site, you can read descriptions of downloaded torrent files. With the name, title, and subject of the ebook author, you can easily find the downloaded ebook you want from the download list. The most painful aspect of this website is that it follows the DMCA concept at its best. Again, using a VPN is a must if you want to download your favorite eBook torrent.

Many books

At this torrent book website, you can read ebooks online and satisfy your need to read in your favorite genre. This website provides you with the most intuitive user interface that users love to read and a clear layout for easy navigation and understanding. By using this website, your experience in reading torrent books online will be enjoyable.

Planet ebook

With the Planet ebook torrent site, you’ll be able to collect many eBook torrents in 2020 easily. It includes a feature called Book Catalog that features around 50,000 books from around the world.


Free-ebooks is one of the best-known torrent sites for books because it has the advantage of reading your favorite ebook in PDF format. There is a large selection of book collections on this website. You can choose between mystery, fiction, non-fiction, technology, youth, drama, etc. A disadvantage of this torrent is that you must register on its website to download the desired ebook torrent.


This free ebook website torrent is a publishing distributor. They help not only authors and readers but also a variety of libraries and retailers. In this way, if you are an author or publisher, you can promote your writing.

PDF Books World

PDF Books World is an intuitive torrent website that makes it easy to download your favorite eBook torrents. This website is famous for its unique file formats. Unlike other sites, it has a PDF format to save the / Ebook file. As a result, you can download and read the same thing on multiple devices.


This fantastic website has the functionality of a web portal. You can browse many free audiobooks and ebooks. Whether you are interested in computers, art, biography, fiction, history, or anything else, you will always have something to read. Because the site has a file sharing option, you can read your torrent eBook on any of your paired devices.


Ebookiee makes it easy for you to find ebook sequences online. These torrent eBooks are easily downloadable and free of charge. The website also features recently viewed ebook torrents, the latest added ebook torrents and the top 10 ebook torrents, and more information on ebook torrents.


e-Bookshare is one of the best ebook torrent sites on the market. It will help you read the description and learn more about the eBook torrent you just downloaded. Regardless of whether you are the author, title, or subject of the ebook, you can easily read your preferred selection. A VPN connection is good to use this website. The portal strictly follows the DMCA concept.


FreeBookSpot is easy to use and doesn’t seem to have a problem choosing an ebook torrent fight. You can find your preferred book by searching the language, the most popular, or the genre of the ebook. In this way, the eBook gets restored to your liking without wasting time. Approximately 90 categories are available for torrent ebooks.

10 Torrent Sites for Torrent E-Book Downloads

Torrent Sites

After browsing the best torrent websites to read ebooks online, you can learn a little more about torrent ebook download websites. Well, in this section we have compiled a list of torrent eBook download sites along with a short description so you can learn more about them.

You can find the full list of ebook download sites here. Keep reading to know more!


Torrentz appears in the first scene while searching for the best torrent for books. This BitTorrent meta-search engine indexes torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. You have a million users in your community, and the first page shows verified torrents. The site became Torrentz.eu in 2010.

FreeBookSpot – Torrents ebook site

FreeBookSpot, as the name implies, is a library of links to ebooks, which includes many downloadable ebooks in all categories. There are over 90 categories of books in different genres, including engineering, science, fiction, programming, etc. It is not necessary to register with them to download books. They have a quick and quick registration process and can create bookmarks after joining to tag torrents for future downloads. You can also add and share links to favorite books here.

1337X: Torrents eBook site

1337X is one of the ebook torrent websites where you can download ebook torrents for free. When you sign up for free, it gets magnetic links and works as a torrent indexing page. This peer-to-peer file hosting service allows you to access data from websites like eDonkey, BitTorrent, IPFU, ZeroNet, Retroshare, etc. The 1337X protocols are similar to BitTorrent. Despite a variety of options for you, this eBook torrent download platform is not available on Google. If 1337x is blocked in your country then you can use 1337x proxy sites.


When downloading torrent ebooks, torrent downloads are always in the foreground. In addition to ebooks, music, movies, games, television shows, software, etc. they can also be offered here to download. This website contains Bollywood / Hollywood / regional language movies to download. In all genres, about 16 million torrents can be downloaded from the website. The torrent indexing page does have an extensive torrent database. This site has been banned in the UK.


If you are looking for the best torrent sites for eBooks, you will surely come to YourBittorrent. Although the focus is mainly on movie downloads, this website can also download torrent files for ebooks, TV series, software, games, music, anime, etc. There are 1 million torrents for this site, and you can choose any eBook torrent you want to download and enjoy. It is banned in the United Kingdom and Portugal. You can use ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites instead.

Seed Peer

While talking about eBook torrent sites, SeedPeer should not be left alone. You can download ebook torrents for free 24 hours a day from this website. You can find your favorite eBook using a quick search or choose one from the list of the best eBooks available on the home page. The choice is yours in this regard.


Torrent Funk offers you better ways to download ebook torrents and then enjoy them at will. In addition to ebooks, you can use this platform to download music, mainly files. For authentic users, they offer user ratings and verified status information. It does not appear in most search engine results because the first page of this website contains images for adults that are not suitable for the public. Be sure to search the site for your area to avoid embarrassment.

101 torrent

This is an efficient ebook download website that allows you to download and enjoy ebook torrents. You can also download TV shows, games, music, movies, cartoons, and apps for you. Downloading eBooks is elementary when you have 101 torrents at your side. You can download the torrent file in a moment and then enjoy reading it.

01 torrent

01Torrent like other torrent sites eBook allows you to download torrent eBooks for free with movies, games, TV seasons, videos, music, etc. It has a clear interface to download any torrent file with little effort. The home page displays the latest movies, music, and ebook torrents that you can easily download.

Torrent Off

To complete the list, here is Torrent Off, one of the most requested torrent sites for ebooks. In addition to ebooks, this website also offers music, movies, software, games, and more. With this site, you have no restrictions on what you want to download. Just find it on the website and download it to your computer.

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