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Extratorrent is basically a Torrent website which provides magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. This website allows users to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and access all the content on it, without having to pay for anything. It is considered to be one of the most popular torrent websites and especially rose to fame after to closure of other websites like Kickass Torrents and LimeTorrents. It allows users to download the torrent files and provides access to a wide plethora of movies, games, music, apps, software, and so on.

It saw a lot of traffic and popularity since Kickass Torrents was down for the time being. The domain name of Extratorrent keeps changing because once it comes under the radar, it may get shut down. So, you may find a number of Extratorrent mirror websites, that helped it in partly evading the restrictions and block applied to it.

Extratorrent provides users with not only English movies, but also Hindi movies and the amount of content available on it is massive. You can conduct a search for any movie at all and the site will give you access to it. Not only does it have a wide range of content, but it also has content which is dependable and can be trusted. The search engine is quite accurate and even if you type in a keyword, it will show you exactly what you are looking for. The movies are all available in high definition and the best quality.

The interface of Extratorrent is also quite user-friendly and it even has all major genres and categories of movies, games, and much more listed right on the homepage itself, thus making it easier to find what you are looking for. So if you wish to download free movies, games, software, music, ringtones, go ahead and check out Extratorrent, but make sure you do this while making use of a VPN. You don’t want others to catch you being a part of piracy and something illegal.

Like almost every other torrent website, Extratorrent has had its share of legal battles and court cases which have caused problems to the users. However, it has managed to evade the authorities and is working even today, though it might be a little difficult to search for the original website. Nonetheless, there are a number of proxy and mirror sites that you can access if you do not find the original one. But be sure that you find one that works, because many of them may mislead you just to increase their incoming traffic when they don’t even work.

Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites List


ExtraTorrent Proxy Site List

Working/ Not Working


extratorrent.ag Working Very Fast
extratorrents.cc Working Very Fast
extratorrents.ch Working Very Fast
extratorrent.si Working Very Fast
extra.club Working Very Fast
extrartorrent.info Working Very Fast
extra.pro2web Working Very Fast
extra.icu Working Very Fast
extratorrent2.net Working Very Fast
extratorrent.cool Working Very Fast
extratorrents-cc.com Working Very Fast
extra.p4y.xyz Working Very Fast

Is it Safe to Access Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

We always want to stay safe while downloading and browsing content on the internet, but when it comes to downloading the latest stuff then Extratorrent is one of the best service providers offering all the latest stuff for free. We all like to download movies, music, games, software, APK files, and other stuff from Extratorrent. Apparently, so far there is not a single instance of any bad issue occur with Extratorrent sites.

Perhaps we don’t know the risks included while using Extratorrent services. It is much better to use different VPN services to reduce the risks while using Extratorrent proxy.

Certain Risks Involved When Using Extratorrent

There are millions of users around the world using services of Bittorent protocols like Extratorrent and downloading different files from the internet. If you’re one of those users then you have to stay aware of certain risks involved while using Bittorent for downloading files from the internet.

Risks of Cyber Attacks And Hackers

When you use Extratorrent to download any file from the internet, then anyone can locate your IP address easily as your IP address is on full display for the whole world because you’re using the proxy sites. With the help of every single peer, anyone can track your IP address more easily.

If you don’t know then IP address is the unique identifying number which is enough to track your virtual location for all hackers, they can easily enter your system and copy some of the important data of yours freely. It is much better to use VPN services while connecting to Extratorrent as it reduces the risks of cyber attacks and hacking as well.  

Risks of IP Address Monitoring

Your internet service provider can easily track the internet usage on your computer as they save all the data and all the visited websites for about 2 years, even your Extratorrent activity is included in it. Even in case, you’re using the services of VPN your internet service provider will be able to see the actual downloaded torrent files, although you can download one best quality encrypted VPN to lower the risks of IP address monitoring.  

Risks of Viruses And Malware

The risks of viruses and malware are said to be the biggest threat that easily can harm your system while you download files from this BitTorrent protocol. Even if you’re using VPN services you can’t protect your system from dangerous viruses and malware.

So, in this case, you can buy good antivirus software that will protect you from certain viruses and Trojans, make sure that the antivirus you purchase also includes an integrated firewall which is very important to stop any unsecured activity without your permission. You can even provide your feedback in the comments section available on Bittorent in case you find viruses or malware in any torrent files.

Risks of Legal Actions

We all know that every user can download copyrighted material for free from Extratorrent proxy servers which are shared by several users around the world, but in general, Extratorrent is against piracy and doesn’t allow users to share any copyrighted material. We also suggest not using Extratorrent for downloading pirated content and protect personal privacy as well.

Extratorrent Alternative Websites

Here are a few Extratorrent alternative websites in case if you can’t access Extratorrent in your region.


BTScene is an online torrent website which is stands for BitTorrent Scene. Likewise other torrent sites, BTScene is also a public torrent sharing space, where anyone can upload and download torrent files through magnet links. Check BTScene Proxy & Mirror Sites here


1337x is a top-notch torrent website that provides magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. This website allows users to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and access all the content on it, without having to pay for anything. It is considered to be the third most popular torrent website. check 1337x proxy sites list here.

KickAss Torrent

You might also know this torrent website as KAT. It is its common abbreviation. KickAss is a very huge library of torrent links where it is hardly possible that you won’t find any of the desired links here. Although its domain was seized by the U.S authorities in the year 2016 but you can still access them through Kickass proxy websites.


Started in 2008 from the land of Bulgaria, RARBG is an online website that serves as the hub of torrent files and their magnet links. Although RARBG is renowned for its excellent collection and best quality of videos, you may also find torrent links to download rare and most common games, software, TV shows, Anime, E-books, and music albums. Check RARBG proxy sites here

Wrap Up

Probably we all use the services of Extratorrent when it comes to downloading all the latest stuff like movies, latest videos, trailers, shows and much more, as downloading from Extratorrent proxy sites is a pretty easy process and anyone can download contents for free and at super-fast speed.

This is the main reason why people mostly search for Extratorrent proxy sites list. All the proxy site lists given above are safe and 100% working but you have to follow some security measures to stay safe while downloading the contents from Extratorrent proxy sites.


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