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Torrent websites are in trend on the internet for offering everything from Movies to Games and TV Series to Software, for free. Also, they are well-liked for the high-quality content they provide. So, in all torrent sites are the best source of online entertainment. But Alas! These torrent sites get blocked the moment it comes into the eyes of the law. Actually, torrent sites are always on the radar of piracy laws for providing pirated and leaked contents especially when it comes to watching newly released movies on the same day.

One such popular torrent site is Kickass or you might know it by KAT. There’s no surprise if you find Kickass Torrent blocked in your country. The reason is simple, it’s illegal. In that case, there are only 2 ways available to the seeders and leechers. One is accessing it through Kickass Proxy sites and other is finding Kickass Torrents Alternatives.

In this article, we’re showing you both the ways so that you guys can continue to access torrent sites. So, let’s get started –

What is Kickass?

Kickass, also popularly known as KAT, is an online website containing torrent files with magnetic links to download multimedia contents. Visting Kickass torrent site, one can download Movies, Games, TV Shows, Web series, Anime, Software and everything you can think of. The first and original domain name of KAT was This site was launched back in 2008.

What is Kickass Proxy?


Proxy sites are the mirror websites of the original domain. The name of the domain although remains same, the extension will change with every new Kickass proxy. If the original website is not accessible in your country, Kickass proxy unblocked it using the same IP address.

We’re here giving you some of the lists of Kickass Proxy sites, which help you to get access to this in-demand torrent site.

Kickass Proxy/ Mirrors Sites Status/ Speed High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High High


3 Simplest Way To Unblock Kickass Torrent Website!

Many of the Kickass lovers are unable to access the website simply because it’s blocked in their region. We’re here giving the 3 simplest way to get Kickass Proxy unblocked in no time. You can try any of the given below method to unblock Kickass torrent.

TOR Browser

TOR Browser stands for ‘The Onion Router’. They are different networks mixed together to help to access blocked sites. Using TOR browser it’s possible to anonymously communicate on the internet. TOR helps in unblocking all the sites block by your ISP. To make use of this browser, you need to download it on your device. It’s not accessible online. Through the link given below, you can easily download it on Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android. You can also make use of Addons or Plugins for using TOR efficiently. If you are looking for Tor browser alternative for smartphones then you can check out these proxy browsers for Android/iOS.

Download TOR Browser

Use Kickass Proxy Sites

As we have already discussed above, there is a number of proxy sites available on the internet. We’ve also given a comprehensive list of Kickass Proxy sites above. All the Kickass proxy unblocked sites are working good and will help you to access your favorite torrent destination. 


When nothing works, VPN helps. VPN means Virtual Private Network, which is used for deceiving the IP address. With the help of a VPN, you can imitate the IP address and can access any of the blocked sites in your country, for whatever reason. There are a lot of VPN Apps available for all platforms including Apple, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can download any VPN App among the top-rated and trusted VPN application out there. Using a VPN is absolutely safe and won’t cause any damage to your device or data stored into it.

Kickass Torrents Alternatives

After doing all the suggested tricks above if you are still unable to access Kickass torrents, you may should stop chasing it and try out Kickass Torrents Alternatives. There is no lack of torrent sites and many of them are really good. We’re putting together 3 such Kickass torrents Alternatives here that may help you to get your desired content in the same quality and with no efforts.


1337x is a top-notch torrent website which provides magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. This website allows users to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and access all the content on it, without having to pay for anything. It is considered to be the third most popular torrent website. It allows users to download the torrent files and provides access to a wide plethora of movies, music, games, and so on. You can check 1337x proxy sites list here.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is rightly known as the king of BitTorrents today. The website was originally founded in 2003 in Sweden by the company Piratbyran. It is a website that allows you to search, download and upload links or torrent files which contributes to peer-to-peer file sharing. It can be called as the world’s biggest torrent website where almost 10,000 new files are provided on a daily basis. It allows you to download all content completely free of cost and even facilitates sharing with other Torrent users in a fast and effective manner. In technical terms, it can be defined as a torrent indexer which makes it a centralized location for all users to share their files.


Among the famous sites for downloading pirated contents, Limetorrents being one of them, lets you download the content you’ve been looking around for free from around 2009 when it was launched. Limetorrents website is mostly used in and around countries such as USA, India, and China. Limetorrents search engine does not only include movies but also other media content such as TV Shows, Games, Music, Apps, Animes and more since 2009. 



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