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Torrent websites are such a blessing for netizens. Theses sites provide you everything from Movie to Software and games online for free but there’s a catch! Torrent sites are not legit and always lies on the radar of piracy laws. BTScene is one of them. In this article, you’re going to read everything about BTScene, BTScene Proxy, how to unblock BTScene and some alternatives of BTScene torrent website.

What is BTScene?

BTScene is an online torrent website which is stands for BitTorrent Scene. Likewise other torrent sites, BTScene is also a public torrent sharing space, where anyone can upload and download torrent files through magnet link. BTScene admin approve and verify all the torrent files before making it public. The admin makes sure that the uploaded torrents are free from virus, offers high quality, and provides excellent downloading speed. In this way, BTScene is considered as a safe platform.

BTScene users can download Games, Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Live Wallpapers, Music, eBooks, Software, and much more. All these stuff are available in the best quality for free. The navigation of BTScene is very easy with everything arranged in sorted categories and sub-categories.

The best thing about BTScene which makes it different than other torrent sites is the unique collection of Movies, Games, and TV shows. Moreover, users have the option to like and dislike torrents which improves the overall quality of the site.

What is BTScene Proxy?

The term proxy means substitute. BTScene Proxy Mirror sites also mean the same i.e. substitute sites of the original version.  BTScene site gets blocked time and again whenever it is caught by the eyes of piracy law. In such a case, BTScene visitors, need not worry because BTScene Proxy sites may resolve all your worries.

Admin of BTScene keeps changing the domain of its torrent site so that it can successfully escape from any legal battles against it. This gives the birth of BTScene Proxy sites like proxy and such others. So, if you desperately need to access BTScene but the search engine prevents you, try the following methods to unblock BTScene proxy.

How to Unblock BTScene?


In order to unblock BTScene, we are here giving you three effective methods. We are sure the website will then be easily accessible by you.

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Using BTScene Proxy Websites

So far there are a lot of BTScene Proxy mirror sites. The prominent of all is proxy. Here’s the further list of BTScene proxy website which you may try access in order to unblock BTscene.

List of BTScene Proxy/Mirror Sites

StatusSpeed Fast
http://btscene.comOFFLINEN/A Fast Fast
http://btscene.euOFFLINEN/A Fast Fast Fast
http://btscene.netOFFLINEN/A Fast

Note – Bookmark this page as we will keep updating BTScene proxy sites list.

TOR Browser

TOR stands for The Onion Router. This browser enables you to browse privately over the internet. It works similar to the VPN, which keeps your identity hidden and expose you as anonymously. Hence, using the TOR browser, it’s a left-handed job to unlock any blocked sites and access them in no time. You can download the TOR Browser now using the link given below. If you want to use Tor for mobile then checkout Proxy browser for Android.

Download TOR Browser


VPN primarily masks up your actual IP address and projects that the internet has been accessed from some other location. This actually encrypts your data and let it go through the secure tunnel to reach the remote server. Therefore, this remote server then directs the entire traffic to the target destination without disclosing your IP address as well as masking of the geolocation. Hence, this encryption functionality prevents you from the hackers as well as from the Government Surveillance as they are unable to trace out your online activity.

Alternatives of BTScene Proxy Mirror Sites


Torrent9 is one of the famous sites that allows you to download pirated contents for free. Torrent9 site is most famous around French-speaking areas but is also famous around the people who love to watch movies by downloading them on their systems. Torrent 9 search engine not only has movies to be downloaded but also other stuff such as Software, PC Games, Music, Series, E-Books, and more since so many years. 

Torren9 has a huge collection of movies, that have been categorized according to the genre. The categories include Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror and many more. For downloading torrent9 Hindi movies, you can browse through the categories or just type in the torrent9 search engine box. It is very easy to download stuff from torrent9


Among the famous sites for downloading pirated contents, limetorrents being one of them, lets you download the content you’ve been looking around for free from around 2009 when it was launched. Limetorrents website is mostly used in and around countries such as USA, India, and China. Limetorrents search engine does not only include movies but also other media content such as TV Shows, Games, Music, Apps, Animes and more since 2009. It is for sure that limetorrents is a good site for downloading all media content.


EliteTorrent is verified torrent and therefore does not require users to sign in or pay any amount for downloading the content. The site allows peer-to-peer file sharing among the users of EliteTorrent. For these features, the site has quite a dedicated fan base.

The reason for the site’s popularity is its user-friendly interface. On the homepage, you can find a variety of genres such as Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Crime, Action, Suspense, Sci-fi, Adventure and many more.


1337x is a top-notch torrent website which provides magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. This website allows users to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and access all the content on it, without having to pay for anything. It is considered to be the third most popular torrent website. check 1337x proxy sites list here.


Started in 2008 from the land of Bulgaria, RARBG is an online website which serves as the hub of torrent files and their magnet links. Although RARBG is renowned for its excellent collection and best quality of videos, you may also find torrent links to download rare and most common games, software, TV shows, Anime, E-books, and music albums. Check RARBG proxy sites here.


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