10 Best Minecraft Village Seeds to Explore This Week

Minecraft is one of the most popular games available on multiple platforms. It is basically a Role Playing Game with quite a bit of interesting elements which make this game popular even after more than 10 years after its release.

In Minecraft, you usually spawn in a randomised place. A lot of people find this aspect good but some don’t consider the fact that it is based on randomness and a lot of people require certainty with regards to their construction and planning of their respective worlds.

Now if we’re talking about the most challenging yet fun aspect of Minecraft is Survival and survival can be quite a bit difficult if you do not find a good and safe village quickly. Fortunately, there is something known as a Minecraft Village Seed, which lets you spawn in the village of your choice.

We will be mentioning certain best Minecraft Villages seeds which have been researched from Discord Servers, Reddit Forums and other platforms.

We have also mentioned the coordinates for the villages however, the seeds mentioned only work for the Java Version of Minecraft. With this we would like to move on to the best Minecraft Seeds:

1. Unique Savannah Village

This is an extremely interesting village location where a person spawns in the middle of a glacier-filled ocean. Only a couple hundred blocks away are the main attraction of the seed i.e the Unique Savannah Village.

Near the village, there is a shipwreck, an ocean view and other aesthetic views. The village houses a lot of cats, an iron golem, cartographers, a butcher, and a lot of cats.

The village also has a cave opening right next to the butcher’s house in order to make things a bit more pleasing and aesthetic. 

Seed – 4308897156302709238 

Coordinates – X:291, Y:71, Z:-898

minecraft savana vil iDkLx

2. Village with 2 Blacksmiths, Caves and More

The village has a Mason, a Cleric, a lot of farmers, leather workers, a couple of Blacksmiths. This particular Minecraft village seed has a lot to offer.

The aesthetic value of the Village can be judged with the tall and snowy mountain which has both lava and water spewing out of it.

The spawn area has a total of 7 cave openings around it which have both iron and coal ores. You can even find diamonds if you search hard enough. There is also a Ruined Portal nearby wherein you can find good enough loot.

Seed – 2998950669524933859 

Coordinates- X:251, Y:66, Z:-173

village with 2 black OSBaD

3. Desert Villages and Temples 

For dessert lovers, this is one of the best and favourite seeds for a lot of users out there. This seed has a huge desert biome with 5 different unique villages and 3 desert temples. 

All of these unique places are within a hundred blocks away from each other. Finding all these places is quite easy if you like exploring the desert biome. The villages are full-sized with plenty of loot for the players to use. 

Seed – 8638613833825887773

Co-ordinates – X:-8, Y:69, Z:-183 (Village)

Co-ordinates – X:171, Y:65, Z:155 (Desert Temple)

Co-ordinates – X:854, Y:72, Z:137 (Desert Temple)

huge desert seed

4. Island with Three Villages 

If a user likes having multiple villages when they spawn then this may be the best bet for that particular user. There are primarily 3 edges to the villages and the fourth edge is more of an exciting one since it has a shipwreck within itself.

There is also an exciting pillager post nearby which you can attack and loot. These villages have a wide variety of types of villagers and even iron golems. 

Seed – 4060839488929676108

Co-ordinates – X:854, Y:72, Z:137 (Desert Temple)

Co-ordinates – X: 239, Y:67, Z:134 (Pillager Outpost)

3 villages minecraft xs5ia

5. Hidden Ice Village 

If you are particularly keen for an adventure to explore this seed then you’re definitely gonna have fun exploring one of the most aesthetic places out there.

You spawn in a regular looking village however, if you are patient and daring enough to be exploring a thousand blocks you shall discover one of the most interesting Hidden Ice Villages out there.

Seed – 4919525955627568481

Co-ordinates – X: -28812, Y:75, Z:14596

village in ice minec e45ks

6. Village with Ravine 

This seed is also a very rare one to find out there. Due to an unusually fun glitch, a ravine spawns inside the village instead of next to it which makes it all the more interesting.

The fletchers which are rather interesting types of villagers are present in this seed. They give you good loot in exchange for emeralds out there. 

Seed – 4556220430748093553

Coordinates – X: -397, Y:67, Z:649

ravine village mc

7. Village with Two Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansions provides a rush of adrenaline and thrill to a user since they are usually home to a lot of hostile players, hidden loot and so on.

And they are quite a bit rare considering the good amount of loot it comes with. 

Seed – 8993723640229201049

Co-ordinates – X: -270, Y:87, Z:216 (Woodland Mansion 1)

Co-ordinates – X: 124, Y:72, Z:263 (Woodland Mansion 2)

2 woodland mansions cabdF

8. Isolated Island Village 

This is one of the most simplistic and fun seeds in the Minecraft world. A player spawns directly on the village which is located on a particularly isolated island.

The nearest available land pieces are fragmented pieces of much smaller islands around the primary village. There is an ocean cave just on the edge of the Island where you can find a lot of good solid loot. 

Seed – 613756530319979507

Co-ordinates –  X: 12, Y:64, Z:10

island village mc

9. Village in Forest

This village seed is surrounded by various forests biomes around it. A player directly spawns into a forest and then there are other biomes to explore as well.

There is also a rare red double bed based house on the edge of the village. There is also a beautiful swamp nearby, a couple blocks away to explore. 

Seed – 8610880672223669423

Co-ordinates –  X:-900, Y:66, Z:-791

minecraft forest bio 7pxwF

10. Savanna Village with Ravine 

This is the best Savanna based biome village. A lot of crops can be found growing around the hills in this seed.

There are a lot of water sources such as springs and waterfalls flowing around the village. The edge of the village has a very long ravine that has tons of iron ore and coal ore blocks which ensures that you get a good value loot. 

Seed – 024766689301378

Coordinate – X:0, Y:0, Z:0 

Savana Village

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