12 Best Subreddits You Must Follow

A subreddit is a platform that is dedicated to a specific topic or a niche agenda. It gives out a wide range of knowledgeable and specific content that helps the user following the platform to upgrade themselves with it. The content is upvoted and downvoted according to the user preference and relevance and this decides its popularity.

12 Best Subreddits Of All Time

We have compiled a list of must-follow best Subreddits which will make you hooked on to Reddit for most of your time. Here is the list.

1. AskReddit

With over 10.5 million subscribers AskReddit is arguably the best Subreddit to follow out there. Everyone has a number of questions going through their mind at any point of time. So now you have a dedicated Subreddit ready to address all your questions. One may find more specific Subreddits like AskEngineers, AskCoders but AskReddit is certainly the most popular among all.

2. Frugal

Are you looking to save money? Do you value your bucks more than anything else? If yes, then this is the best Subreddit one must follow. Frugal shares various ways, strategies, and small stories to save your money. It helps you make sure that you are not becoming a spendthrift. Very popular among youngsters as they are constantly looking for ways to save their pocket money.

3. GetMotivated

A very popular Subreddit with over 10 million subscribers, this Subreddit is all you need if you are in search of motivation and rigor in life. From motivational quotes, images, gifs, and some really fascinating anecdotes this Subreddit has it all. So subscribe to this platform and visit it at least once a day to make your day full of motivation.

4. GetDisciplined

An analogous Subreddit to the GetMotivated platform. One can get motivated to climb Mt.Everest but the motivation needs to be coupled with discipline and planning. One of the most visited Subreddits, GetDisciplined provides strategies and schedules to help you get disciplined and organized in the most structural manner possible.

5. ColorizedHistory

This Subreddit is one the most innovative and out of the box platforms which convert the most historic and important black and white photographs to their colorized versions. Obviously popular among the photographer community but also historians and enthusiasts who are fascinated by history.

Looking at the black and white images with colors in them adds to a sense of realism and helps one connect with the history and the importance behind the photo. It can lead to further research and probing into the photo leading to more revolutionary outcomes.

6. Personal Finance

For a person who has no background or knowledge in the field of finance, it becomes difficult to manage taxes, balance sheets and their personal finances. No worries, Personal Finance comes to their rescue.

One of the best Subreddit for clearing your doubts and questions pertaining to finance. It is a community of highly skilled finance professionals and enthusiasts so you can definitely expect your doubt to have a legit solution once you post it on the platform. Right from taxes, insurances, investments tips, stock market to personal finance, the platform has it all.

7. Anxiety

It is estimated that more than 60% of the world’s population suffers from some sort of anxiety in their daily lives. For such people this Subreddit is the place to be. A community of extremely empathetic and kind individuals who help people tackle anxiety in daily life and also in certain important situations. From personal experiences to ways to tackle anxiety with examples and anecdotes, this Subreddit is a must follow.

8. Depression

Depression is rising in today’s ruthless and merciless world. It has become the leading cause of suicides and various other life-threatening diseases. To help people suffering from depression and make them move away from it, this Subreddit does it in a very sympathetic and understanding way.

People post motivational stories and stories where they beat the odds to come out of depression. This community is on the rise and the numbers of subscribers are increasing at lightning speed on this platform.

9. Books

If you are a regular Reddit user and an avid book reader then this particular Subreddit helps you like no one can. Right from book recommendations on any topic to book reviews, new books in the market to best sellers out there this community discusses everything on the books that one can possibly imagine. So go subscribe to this Subreddit if reading a book makes you happy.

10. Quotes and QuotePorn

These two Subreddits do exactly what their names suggest. They post daily quotes and quote images which helps its subscribers to start their day with a brand new thought and stay motivated. With a huge following, these platforms are on the rise and becoming a widely accepted community.

11. MemeEconomy

Memes are the new fads going around currently. One can find all the social media pages crowded with innovative and funny memes. This makes this Subreddit one of the most rapid-growing community and certainly a creative one as well. This Subreddit is an excellent source of some of the funniest, wittiest and the wackiest memes out there. Memes are there to stay for a long time and hence one is highly recommended to join this community and make sure you don’t fall behind.

12. NeutralPolitics

Politics is perhaps the most controversial topic out there which a group of people discuss. Often these discussions take a form of arguments, verbal abuses, falsehoods, and regional fights.

It is very hard to find a platform that takes an indifferent and neutral perspective towards a political topic and discusses it in a way that enlightens the enthusiasts and not creates a sense of rage. To help resolve this issue NeutralPolitics is the best Subreddit out there which is a must follow.

It allows people to post political views backed with facts, numbers, and relevant article links coupled with a well-reasoned argument. A well respected and highly educated community is what NeutralPolitics stands for.

These are the 12 of the best Subreddits which a regular Reddit user needs to subscribe to and regularly follow it.


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