12 Best Minecraft Seeds to Explore This Week

Minecraft is an unconventionally never-ending beautiful game developed by Mojang Studios and released in 2011. Minecraft is an Open World Game where the concept of progression unlike other games is non-existent, users can build their own world according to their own whims and fancies and this aspect has made Minecraft one of the most famous and loved games of all time.

There are very less games such as Minecraft which remain in the mainstream gaming scenario eleven years after the game was released. In the universe of Minecraft, when you initially start up the game, a lot of your experience depends on the random world you are spawned in.

Well, sometimes you’re lucky and spawned to a relatively nice and calm place as per your liking and sometimes if you’re unlucky you’ll land in an extremely unfriendly environment and will have to disperse immediately for your life just as you have been spawned.

This random aspect of the game can be cancelled out as you can yourself choose to spawn into an environment or a world of your own liking and a place where you can effectively use your imagination to recreate your own world. We are here to assist and guide you on this aspect as we have curated a list of the best Minecraft Seeds that have been personally tested in-game and are legit.

These seeds are guaranteed to work on most of the Java Versions of Minecraft. Seeds are curated and discussed in several Reddit communities and Minecraft Communities as well. Seeds are an exciting aspect for Minecraft fans since they can readily customise their gaming experience and eliminate the aspect of the randomness out of the fan-favourite game.

Seeds may have scenarios from calming plains, beaches, islands, forests or simply bizarre and mysterious scenarios. In our specially curated list, we have tried to add a bit of everything as there may be a player base with different choices hence, we have tried to incorporate everyone’s choices.

The list will also contain the accurate coordinates to reach the prescribed location in the said location even if you cannot directly reach the said location. 

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Seeds in Minecraft are basically some of the randomly generated codes for the different iterations of the world that Minecraft spawns you and lets you play in. The different new worlds which are created have a different and unique seed which leads it’s to their own places, villages, loots and much more.

Seeds are basically integers that may have a positive or a negative value. On a usual basis, seeds give the players a chance to approach the game with an unplanned element and let you adapt accordingly.

However, if you wanna walk into the game with a more planned approach and design your own world with your unique ideas then the custom seeds should be your go-to plan.  

How to Use Seeds in creating a World?

There are some easy steps one needs to follow in order to use the Seeds effectively in the Minecraft World:

  • Go to the Opening Screen of Minecraft, and then press on the option of ‘Singleplayer’

minecraft home page 84m4w

  • Once you press on the Singleplayer option you’ll be able to see the list of the existing worlds.
  • However, an option of ‘Create New World’ will be visible and you would press on the button to create a custom world.

minecraft worlds lis 5Qlj3

  • Then once you are on the next screen after pressing on the Creating New World button, there is a Button of “More World Options” on the bottom right part of the screen.
  • Here you have to set the difficulty level and the other required settings as per your own plans and requirements while setting up the respective world.

create custom seed w Uhs2c

  • Once you enter the next options screen, there you will see a black box with text to enter the respective seed number. Here you need to enter the seed code of the World you want to explore. Once you’re done with entering the code click on the ‘Create the New World Option’ and you’re good to go.
  • One important point to note here is that while entering the seed code make sure that you are specifying the negative or positive value since if you enter the wrong value you shall not enter the intended world and you will be entering another world altogether.

create custom seed w Uhs2c 1

Best Minecraft Seeds to Explore for Players

Now that we are through with the part where we learn how to set up the Minecraft Seeds, it is now time to address the elephant in the room. The seeds listed below have been tested extensively on Java Version Number 1.17.1 of the Minecraft Game. These seeds won’t work on the pocket version of Minecraft since they use a different architecture than the java version of Minecraft. Leaving all that aside, here are the best Minecraft seeds,

1. Broken Savana

The Broken Savana Seed is a beautiful seed that essentially has a Huge Mountain, a giant hole, and two villages that are side by side when you spawn. The biome of the Savana is beside an ocean with a forest and desert just around it. This combination is what derives the name ‘Broken Savana’ and due to its aesthetic value, a lot of the players love playing in this particular seed.

Seed Code – 7066636907367338630

Coordinates – X: -100, Z: 50

broken savana seed

2. Coral Island Village

This particular seed would spawn a player on a village that is on the seaside with an aesthetic and a scenic view. There are no major areas around the village as it is largely isolated for more than a thousand blocks. There are a lot of sea creatures such as the glowing squids which add another element to the aesthetic value of the seed.

Seed Code: 7066636907367338630

Coordinates: X: -100, Z: 50

coral island village 8Z8qZ

3. Frozen Island

This is a rare type of seed in which a player is spawned in an ice desert island that is surrounded by smaller frozen islands all around it. The seed is based on a bluish-white tone with creatures such as the polar bear which give you the winter feels.

Seed Code: -7865816549737130316

Coordinates: X: 121, Z: -9

frozen island minecr jrKjZ

4. Giant Bamboo Forest

This is another unique experience seed that lets you spawn in the middle of a bamboo tree forest. The interesting element, in this case, is that you shall be spawned alongside a Nether portal where you can find a lot of enchanted items in chests.

All of these elements make the seed very rare and special.

Seed Code: 1959330209

Coordinates: X: 211, Z: -8

giant bamboo forest K7m9R

5. Savannah Mountain and a Desert Seed

This particular type of seed lets you spawn at the corner of a forest which adjacently meets a desert that includes a massive Savannah Mountain. This unique and weird combination gives out a good appeal to the player base of the game. The randomness of the seed is what makes it so special.

Seed Code: -676569119515363

Coordinates: X: -300 Z: -100

savannah mountain in G5y8f

6. Stronghold Library in the Ocean

In this particular type of seed, you spawn in a library that is in the middle of the ocean. The special appeal in this aspect is that Stronghold Libraries are extremely eluding and very rare to find. There is also a tiny mushroom island that can be visible in the nearby vicinity of the library.

Seed Code: -4184000969893959047

Coordinates: X: 1840 Z: 978

exposed stronghold l BuvZ1


7. Two Woodland Mansion Minecraft Seed

In this seed, you spawn in a village which is next to two mansions of the woodland type. There is also a witch’s hut in the nearby vicinity of this super rare Minecraft seed. A lot of the explorers of the Minecraft world love this type of seed.

Seed Code: -8993723640229201049

Coordinates: X: -109 Z: 181

2 woodland mansions hJ3Wf

8. Zombie Village Minecraft Seed

If you like a seed that is scenic with good aesthetics and chaotic at the same time then this is the best seed for you. In this seed, there is one village that becomes a zombie village and spawns zombies during the nighttime.

Seed Code: 5329177101860618450

Coordinates: X: 0 Z: 0

zombie village and f AlbN0

9. Survival Village Seed

If you are looking for a challenge, then look nowhere else since this is the best Seed for adventure junkies in the Minecraft world. In this seed, you have to connect three villages using the materials given to you.

Seed Code: -4060839488929676108

Coordinates: X: 17 Z: -159

3 villages minecraft DtPhw

10. Village in Ice

Once you spawn in this particular seed in order to get the best possible outcome you are recommended to go to the mentioned coordinates since you will be finding one of the best and the rarest village covered in ice there.

Seed Code: -4919525955627568481

Coordinates: X: -28812  Z: 14596

village in ice minec NZrcs

11. Endless Ice Minecraft Seed

If you love the appeal of a village and snow and mountains then this is the best bet for you out there. The whole area of this seed is covered in snow and there is a complete biome of ice.

Seed Code: -7882587612848022640

Coordinates: X: -602 Z: 1421

endless ice seed

12. Pillager Outpost Seed

This is one of the weirdest seeds out there in Minecraft. There is a pillage outpost with a mountain filled with lava on another side to climb. This is one of the most thrilling seeds available out there.

Seed Code: 2327370183894455166

Coordinates: X: -173 Z: 118

Pillager Outpost Seed

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