15 Fast Minecraft Server Hosting for Everyone

Minecraft is one of the games that has stayed relevant over the years. There are thousands of different servers to try, and these are hosted on a variety of different platforms. When maintaining a large server, it is essential to have a reliable and feature-rich hosting platform. With the number of players of Minecraft increasing at a steady rate, servers can be quite overloaded at times. So, keeping the servers active requires a steady hosting platform with good uptime.

Some servers in Minecraft are filled with the worlds of thousands of different players, and it can be quite devastating for them in case a server cannot run flawlessly. Most of these big servers run on reliable and efficient hosting platforms. In most cases, it is better to opt for a dedicated Minecraft server instead of building one yourself.

15 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Platforms to Use


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In case you’re on the lookout for a cheap and reliable hosting platform, then ScalaCube is one of the best options you can try. Apart from being a dedicated Minecraft hosting platform, ScalaCube also offers complete support for thousands of modpacks. These can also be set up in a single click.

This hosting platform also supports PaperMC, Spigot, FTB, and other servers. Minigames can also be set up quite easily, and the comprehensive control panel lets you control various parameters, and keep track of the server conditions.

Get it here: ScalaCube

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Apex Hosting

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Apex Hosting is an easy-to-use and affordable solution to get started with building Minecraft servers. You can use the included video tutorials to set up your server, even if you are a complete beginner. Also, the simple and smooth UI lets you check the condition of your servers from the Multicraft control panel.

This dedicated Minecraft hosting platform also offers modpacks that can be installed with a single click. The versions and configurations can be modified without much hassle. The hardware used by this hosting platform is also quite good and should offer a lag-free gameplay experience.

Get it here: Apex Hosting

Sparked Host

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Amongst the various hosting platforms on this list, Sparked Host is perhaps one of the easiest to set up. You also get some of the best hardware in the industry to keep your Minecraft servers running at their maximum potential. The server hardware, game version, and other parameters can be scaled at any point in time, without any problems.

With a guarantee of 99.99% server uptime, there is no reason to worry about server crashes and outages. You can get compensated if this guarantee is not fulfilled, which makes this hosting service unique and a recommended one for your Minecraft server needs.

Get it here: Sparked Host


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With a wide variety of modpacks, game versions, and plugins, BisectHosting is a great dedicated Minecraft Hosting service to try. This hosting service has been around since 2012 and offers a polished and simple control panel to manage your Minecraft servers.

This hosting platform offers a simple setup wizard with options for various different server types. The modpacks listed here are also up to date and are sourced from CurseForge, Technic, FTB, and several others. This also includes automatic updates, with intuitive drag and drop controls.

Get it here: BisectHosting


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Vultr offers one of the most comprehensive cloud server solutions for Minecraft. You can deploy a new server in just a few simple clicks, which makes this service quite beginner-friendly. These servers are pre-optimized for maximum performance, so you don’t have to make further changes in most cases.

Vultr also has servers in over 17 locations, so you can choose from the fastest option according to your geographic location. The unmatched hardware and well-developed APIs help to keep the servers running at their maximum potential and provide the players with a lag-free experience.

Get it here: Vultr


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GGServers is a great option in case you’re looking for creating a server with a huge player base. This hosting platform includes unmetered storage with NVME SSDs for maximum reliability and performance. Also, these servers can be scaled according to your needs without much problem.

These servers are great in case you’re looking for a fully configured hosting service to set up new Minecraft hosting servers, then GGServers is overall one of the best ways to do so. You also get the Multicraft console to manage your servers without much complexity.

Get it here: GGServers

Indifferent Broccoli

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With a custom control panel and complete integration with Discord, Indifferent Borcolli is a great hosting service that can get you started with Minecraft servers. This is a new hosting service, but it has features that compete with some of the best options on this list.

You can also try out this service with the two-day free trial before committing to one of the affordable server packs. You can also install modpacks with relative ease and there is 24/7 support that can help you with any sort of problem.

Get it here: Indifferent Broccoli


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XGamingServer is another great option to set up new servers for your friends or a large audience to enjoy. This hosting service has been designed for performance and is quite easy to use. You can get started with your server just after you complete the registration.

The simple control panel and the various modpacks that can be updated on the go are some of the best options you get with XGamingSever. Furthermore, the servers are quite affordable and can be modified to your heart’s content to create unique experiences for Minecraft players.

Get it here: XGamingServer


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Shockbyte is one of the best hosting services for Minecraft. This hosting platform has been around for quite some time and provides a simple and easy platform for beginners to this domain.

Similar to other alternatives on this list, you can install modpacks in a single click and these can be chosen from a variety of sources. All the servers are equipped with top end hardware so you don’t have to worry about any form of lags or slowdowns.

Get it here: Shockbyte


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SomethingHost is one of the more affordable solutions that you can use to host a Minecraft server. The hardware and APIs used by this hosting platform ensure that your servers are working at their maximum potential.

SomethingHost supports all the major Minecraft modpacks that can be installed quite easily. Also the backup features included with SomethingHost ensure that your servers stay safe. The susbsription packs are also quite affordable.

Get it here: SomethingHost


Hostwinds is a great way to host your Minecraft servers in case you’re already acquainted with the process. The hardware and storage offered for these servers are on par with other options on this list.

You get an assured uptime of over 99.99%, and this allows you and the players on your server to rest easy. The servers can be upscaled according to your needs, and the safety standards followed by this platform are quite comprehensive.

Get it here: Hostwinds


In case you’re looking for a way to host your Minecraft servers in the North American region, then PebbleHost is one of the best options out there. The subscription packs are quite comprehensive and can be scaled up or down.

WIth enterprise level hardware and a simple control panel that can be used to change various parameters. You also get MySQL databases for free and access to FTP for easy usage.

Get it here: PebbleHost


SeekaHost is a good dedicated Minecraft Hosting service to use. You get all the simple options that you can access in a single click from the intuitive user interface. Also, the data servers are hosted globally, so you can get the best speeds without regards to your geographic location.

You get support for most of the Minecraft modpacks out there, and various server options and versions to try out. Also, this hosting service is well equipped on the security side, with advanced protection of DDoS attacks.

Get it here: SeekaHost


RAMShard is one of the best options to host your Minecraft servers if you plan on including a lot of players and modpacks. With affordable prices for unlimited slots, high speed storage and processors, you can rest easy and not worry about any kind of downtime or lags on your servers.

The included multicraft 2.0 console lets you change several parameters related to your server and monitor all activity to keep things smooth and functional. The security features on this hosting platform is also on par with most of the other options on this list.

Get it here: RAMShard


GTXGaming is a great hosting option for your Minecraft servers as it provides enterprise leading hardware and dedicated one click options for the purpose. You can switch servers on the go, and scale them up or down depending on your needs.

The included mod manager is also great for adding various modpacks to your server. Also, there are data centers in various locations and they are protected with the latest security standards, so you don’t have to worry about potential issues.

Get it here: GTXGaming

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