13 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft When You’re Bored

Minecraft has been one of the most prominent games of this decade, with an ever-growing player base. This game provides its players with the ability to manipulate a procedurally generated world by placing or removing blocks. While there is an almost endless number of areas to explore, the main fun of the game lies in using your creativity to build incredible structures.

If you’re bored of just exploring and building basic structures, you may be looking for a list of the most creative and useful things you can build in Minecraft. Whether you’re playing on a single-player world or a multiplayer server, the ideas listed here should keep you entertained for a long time.

13 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft



Whether you’re playing survival or creative mode, building a mansion that looks like its real-life counterparts can be great fun. You can design different rooms to place your beds, a storage room, underground basements controlled with Redstone, multiple floors, and much more. In case you run out of mansion designs, you can always look up references of real buildings to recreate them in Minecraft.

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If you already have a shelter in your survival or creative mode world, then you can always add a garden to it. In Minecraft, you can use some of the moss variants of the blocks and pathways to create a cozy garden for yourself. Also, if you’re up to it, you can always add a fountain to your garden to make things even more beautiful and interesting.



Minecraft consists of many different biomes that can be found all over the world. Some of the regions are divided by rivers and large bodies of water that can be traversed using a boat. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could traverse these distances on your horse or railcarts? If you have the time and the patience, you can connect many different parts of the world by making bridges.

Decorative Nether Portals

custom nether portal

If you have played Minecraft long enough to enter the nether realm in the game, then you may be interested in this build. As you may know, nether portals can be of many shapes and sizes rather than the standard rectangular ones. If you are creative enough, you can create large nether portals that look and feel magnificent, using your ideas.



If you frequently travel through waterways from your base, building a dock can be a great way to improve your home and store your boats. Also, docks can be a good place to start fishing in Minecraft, when you’re bored of building and mining. They can be easily built and should prove to be a nice decoration for your world.

Modern Architecture

modern house

You can also create modern minimalistic homes using Quartz blocks in the game. These buildings look very functional and often have a pool or a terrace attached to them. If your world has a city of skyscraper theme, then building a modern architecture building should be a great way to pass time on Minecraft.

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Auto Smelter

auto smelt

If you’ve ever thought that the process of converting ore to ingots is tedious, then this build should be a great way to get everything automated. You just need to know a bit about the layout of Redstone, and there are several tutorials on how to build it correctly. Once built, you can just pop the ores into a chest, wait for a while, and collect the converted ingots from another chest.

Custom Trees

custom trees

If you’ve been playing Minecraft for long enough, then you may agree that the trees in the game look quite similar to each other, and provide very little variety. To spice things up, you can create your own majestic tree with branches and leaves in the right places. Custom trees can require many woodblocks and leaf blocks, and hence it is recommended to create this in a creative mode world.

Pixel Art

pixel art

Using the cube-shaped blocks in Minecraft, you can create Pixel art of a great variety. You can also make pixel art versions of real-life photos to unleash your creativity. First of all, you’ll need to decide which drawing you want to recreate, and then you’ll have to start placing the blocks according to the outline. The best materials for this purpose are wool blocks, which come in many different

Watchtowers or Lighthouses

Building these structures can add great depth to your Minecraft world by marking locations away from your base. You can create towers on either land or water, and the best material for this purpose would be brick. Additionally, you can also add ‘rotating’ light sources on these towers using a bit of Redstone and pistons. These can also be a great place for beacons.

Mock Furniture

It is possible that you may have built a large home for yourself in Minecraft, but it feels quite empty. One of the best ways to fill your home is to add furniture to it. With the lack of actual furniture in the game, you can always create non-functional decorative furniture using other blocks and items present in the game. One of many examples of this would be sofas, which can be made by placing stairs horizontally and attaching signboards to both sides.

Underground Tunnels

Tired of moving through the overworld at night and getting attacked by hostile mobs? Just build a well-lit underground tunnel that connects the most important locations that you have uncovered, like mines, rivers, deserts, and other biomes. You can also lay down rail lines to create a fast and fully automated subway system to move around.

Fully Automated Item Farms

If you’re bored of manually hunting or breeding, harvesting crops, mining important materials, then there’s always the option to create fully automated Redstone farms that generate these items for you. These range from being relatively easy to build to extremely complex structures with massive outputs. There are hundreds of different designs for a single type of farm on the internet, and they get updated as new mechanics are added to the game with new updates.

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