How to Use Rythm Bot Discord (Rythm Bot Commands)

Discord is a very useful application for people who want to connect with different communities and communicate with them over text, voice or video easily.

This application had initially started out to cater to the needs of various gaming communities, however, during the period of the pandemic it expanded and was used to serve a lot of different communities.

The user base for discord is growing on a daily basis and the requirement for a good music bot is also growing day by day.

Rythm is by far the best and the most popular music bot available for a discord server. There are a lot of interesting features in the Rhythm bot that allows the users to play music directly on the respective Discord server. 

Features of Rythm Bot on Discord

The Rythm Bot is a very intuitive bot with a lot of features in it. By using the bot a user can directly stream music from sources such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and a lot more.

Rythm is very easy to use and it can be used by someone who does not hold any technical expertise as well. It is a simple easy to use queuing and playlist function.

The support community of the bot is flawless and they are active round the clock to assist you on any potential issues being faced. Periodic updates are rolled out for the Rythm bot to make it better.

All of these features make the Bot very popular with more than 20 million active servers using this bot. Now the major question being faced by a lot of users would be about the process that is to be followed in order to add the Rythm bot on Discord. 

How to Add or Invite the Rythm Bot on a Discord Server

The procedure for adding the Rythm Bot to the Discord server is very easy. You have to go to their website and then later follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Visit the website of the Rythm Bot:

Step 2: You are required to click on the invite the bot button on the website. 

Rythm Bot Discord setup

Step 3: After clicking on the invite the bot button, you now need to select the server on which you want the Rythm bot to be added. 

Step 4: Give the required permissions to the Rythm bot on your discord server in order to ensure that it works smoothly without any hassles. 

Rythm Bot Discord permissions

Step 5: After allotting it with proper permissions, the user would be redirected to the Rythm bot website where you can see the dashboard of the bot. 

Rythm Bot Discord Commands

Step 6: Now you can return to the discord server wherein the bot has been added. The user will now be able to see the Rythm bot message in the general text channel. 

By following these steps you have successfully added the bot to your server. For the purposes of the confirmation, one can see the logo of the Rythm bot towards the right of the sidebar.

The user can also specifically enable the bot for a single channel in order to ensure that the other users do not spam the Rythm commands in the other channels. You can click on the setting of the channel and click on add new roles and then finally assign the Rythm bot with the channel permissions.

If the user is facing any sort of difficulties in using the bot they can join the official community and ask and solve their issues. One can easily join the Rythm community by visiting their official website. 

How to use the Rythm Bot on the Discord Server

In order to use the Rythm Bot on the discord server without any hassles, you need to ensure that you are connected to the voice channel in the server.

Let us look at the steps to play music in the Discord server using a Rythm Bot. 

Step 1: You are required to join a Voice Channel. A user can easily join a voice channel by clicking on the channel which has a speaker icon attached to them. 

Step 2: You need to summon the rythm bot in the voice channel. By typing the !summon command, rythm can join the same audio channel as the user. 

Rythm Bot Discord commands

Step 3: Now is the step to play the music. A user can easily use the !play command which is to be followed by the same song or a link from youtube, Spotify or SoundCloud. 

Rythm Bot Discord commands spotify

Through this method, a user can easily play music using the Rythm bot on their discord server on a voice channel. Similar to this, there are a lot of commands that are related to playing sounds via the music bot. 

How to Add a song to the Queue in the Rythm Bot

A song will automatically get added to the queue when you use the ‘!play’ command one after the other while adding music.

For instance, if the user adds two !play options together like, !play song1 and !play song2, the by the merit of the first command song 1 would be played first and song 2 would be added to the queue.

Add a Song to Queue on Rythm Bot

A user can also use the ‘!playtop songname’ command in order to add that particular song to the top of the queue. If you want to check the songs that are in a queue, you can do so with the help of the !queue command. 

If a user wants to clear the queue, then he can easily use the ‘!clear’ command to do the same.

The rythm bot is extremely easy and fun to use bot for users who want to listen to music while chatting and talking to their friends on discord. The simplicity and the ease of use of the bot is what makes it very popular among millions of users.       

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.



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