20 Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server

Discord is one of the most popular chatting platforms used by gamers. It is quite intuitive, strong, and can be easily customized. This is one of the reasons why gamers across the world use it. If you are using discord and have created your first server, here are few additional bots you can add to it to enhance your server.

How to Add Discord Bots?


While these bots will help in bringing all the fun add-on features and also manage your server, let’s learn how to add discord bots to your server first. You just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to your discord account on the discord app website. Also, ensure that you have the permission to add the bot by checking on ‘manage server‘ permission on that server.

2. After logging in, select the option ‘invite‘. You’ll come across an authorization screen where you’ll have to ‘select a server‘ to which you want to add the bot to.

3. Then hit ‘authorize‘. The bot will be added to your server and will be visible in the sidebar on your server.

Now, let’s discuss some of the best bots that you shouldn’t miss adding.

1. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Discord Bot

This bot is highly customizable and quite powerful too. One can easily moderate the chats with it, along with increasing user activity on your server with its fun add ons. Few of these include conducting polls, giveaways, generate sick memes, etc. Also, in case you think a member is getting out of hand, you can kick or ban him too.

It has a strong extension system. This bot will show you results from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Reddit, etc. if you ask it to. You can easily organize your own in-chat custom RSS fees if needed.

Add GAwesome.

2. Tatsumaki

This bot is quite capable as it gives the users a number of commands for moderation, setting welcome messages, notifications, and other features. You can also search the web and browse through an RSS feed as it isn’t restricted only to discord.

Its best feature is the incentive system. This system gives the users certain incentives such as let them earn XP and levels if they are active on the server. Where you stand in discord server is shown by a visual card which is quite appealing to the eyes.

Add Tatsumaki.

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3. Dank Memer

Dank memer discord bot

This discord bot is one of the highest-rated bots. It allows the users to show their creativity by making memes within just a few seconds, manipulate images, and also gamble with these memes. There are also specializes meme commands that the user can use to make 100 different kinds of memes in real-time.

This bot also has its currency system which is both fun and rewarding. You can customize stealing, gambling, and bank robbing within your server. Also, to maintain decorum, there is an option to set keywords and image examples for banning deserving people from the server.

Add dank memer.

4. MEE6

MEE6 discord-bots

This bot gives you complete control of commands. You can easily set up different commands that will automatically give or remove roles, send message/welcome messages, create a leveling system, and do other things too. The users can also create automated actions for moderating the notorious users.

One can also set penalties depending upon the infractions by the users. This bot also sends your server a notification every time your favorite game streamer is online.

Add MEE6.

5. Mudae

Muda discord bots

This is a great discord bot for anime fans and the hardcore gamers out there. This bot has several anime and gaming characters and you can customize your profile accordingly to fight against these characters.

You will come across 35000+ characters and almost double images and GIFs too. This bot also gives the option to participate in multiplayer games. You can set certain commands for proper moderation.

Add Mudae.

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6. Rythm

best discord bots

This bot is a great option for music enthusiasts out there. The users can get an amazing music experience from several sources namely YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, etc.

The music delivered is of the best quality, without any issues. It also supports lyrics, autoplay and has a certain set of prefix commands that helps in controlling the music playback.

Add rhythm.



This helps in managing many tasks on the server. It stands for ‘Yet another general-purpose discord bot’ and does exactly that. It has rock-solid stability, so you don’t have to worry about that.

This bot supports Reddit, YouTube and also allows browsing through a number of webpages. You can also create self-assigned roles for improving moderation. Apart from this, it also has an automatic moderator option that’ll kick anyone out if they break rules.


8. Sesh

best discord bots

This is a great calendar bot for discord. You can easily schedule things, reminders, create events, and perform all other calendar-related things. You can select your language and time to create events with ease.

It can be easily integrated with google calendar. You can create polls, countdowns, recurring events, and also configure time zones with ease.

Add Sesh.

9. Dyno Bot

Dyno discord bots

This bot has rich features that you can control with a dedicated dashboard which also has auto-moderation timed mutes, bans, etc. This bot is up to date and can detect mass-mention or delete the spam in your community chats.

This bot allows custom announcements for new entries and even people who leave or are banned. It has clever bot integration which can be used to post overwatch stats, google results, and also stream music via YouTube.

Add Dyno bot.


cool discord bots

This bot allows its users to play text-based RPG games and also level up. The gamers can earn as well as sell armors and weapons to the server members. There are about 15 + dungeons and to cross that, you’ll have to beat the bosses & unlock new commands.

It is easy to play and understand. This game supports hunting and adventure. The players can check their profiles, inventory, and fulfill different quests too.


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11. Karuta

This one is again a good bot for all anime lovers. It has around 70000 anime characters to choose from. You can earn, collect cards, and burn those on collecting more. You can also trade your cards to earn money here.

This bot allows the server to remain active throughout, even when there’s high server activity like dropping or seeing the cards. The cards can be used across various discord servers, which makes this bot a lot more useful than others.

Add Karuta.

12. PokeMeow

best discord bots

For all pokemon lovers out there, you will enjoy this bot a lot. This game is quite addicting and can be played with friends. It has different pokemon that are hard to find and makes the game worth playing.

The players can earn PokeCoins and spend them on pokeballs, ultra balls, and master balls. There are various interesting quests that you can participate in and win different rewards. This is a bot that shouldn’t think twice about adding to your discord server.

Add PokeMeow.

13. TacoShack

This bot is a business-adventure game where the player needs to sell taco to earn money. It’s quite a simple but interesting game. You will have to purchase upgrades to improve your shack as that’ll attract more customers, which will result in better income.

In short, this is a game where the resources provided have to be spent properly so that you can earn enough. There are many side hustles too that the player can participate in and improve their shack.

Add TacoShack.

14. MeMezBot

MemezBot discord bots

Memes have become quite popular in recent years for they help make fun of the absurd situation we face daily. This bot is a great one for making quality dank memes and sharing with others in your community.

Some of the most popular memes here are cute cats, doggo, Pepe the frog, and a lot of others. You can even share a story or just some random sounds via the voice channel in this bot.

Add MeMez.

15. GameStats

best discord bots

Just like the name suggests, this bot is helpful for players who like sharing their game stats with their friends. You just have to set up a profile of your gaming aliases and share the stats with your friends with ease.

These games include PUBG, rust, rainbow six: siege, paragon, the world of worship, Xbox Live, and a few more. A game profile can be created by typing “.gs profile” and then you can add the game account by typing “.gs adduplay”.

Add GameStats.

16. Typical Bot

cool discord bots

The name is quite ironic for this bot as it is anything but a typical bot. in fact, it is powerful and quite easy to use. There are various tools available here that can be used for moderation such as soft-ban, kick, ban, or announcing anything on a server.

There are many mini-games, music, etc too, the latter can be streamed through YouTube. However, only the admin can play the music, so it gives you good control over the server. You can also share pictures, random jokes, and other important information too.

Add Typical Bot.

17. TriviaBot

trivia discord bots

The use of discord is more popular for chatting and discussions but you can use it for another purpose such as having trivia too. This bot allows multiplayer trivia game wherein you can have over 3000 questions from 24 categories. It is a great way to test knowledge.

This bot is quite simple and easy to use. The three commands that run this bot are ‘trivia help’, ‘trivia start’, and ‘trivia categories’. It is a great game to play with friends and fun on the discord server.

Add Trivia bot.

18. GuildedBot

best discord bots

This is a great bot for team players. It helps in recruiting new players in games such as DOTA 2, PUBG, etc, improve their abilities and also complete different missions together. The team’s activity is quite easy to manage with the help of guilded’s dashboard.

This bot can be used to post updates and enhance the server team by scheduling, discussing, and recruiting. It supports GO, overwatch, WoW, League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG, Destiny, Minecraft, and many other such games.

Add guilded.

19. Fredboat

best discord bots

This bot is a great option for playing music and making playlists so that your songs can go on without being interrupted. It supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, direct links, twitch, etc.

One can easily get the songs they want to play by typing its name and this bot will search it for you. It’ll bring up the versions available and you can select the one you want to listen to. For the music enthusiasts out there, this bot should be on your discord server.

Add FredBoat.

20. Discord Translator

best discord bots

We have a variety of languages across the globe because of different cultures, backgrounds, etc. This bot ensures that language isn’t a barrier while playing games. It helps in translating the messages into the language the user wants. You just have to type the message and see it being automatically translated.

Also, by using a simple command, you can translate your message into multiple languages instantly. This bot is helpful for gamers as there are many games where the players are from different countries and speak different languages. It helps in ensuring the game goes smoothly.

Add discord translator.


These were some of the coolest discord bots available for the gamers out there. Each of these has its functions and specialty that makes them appealing. We would suggest adding all of them to make your discord server much more interesting and happening.

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