How To Enable Screen Share And Video Calling On Discord

Discord is a service-based around fully-featured text chat platform. This is a versatile app as it fulfills multiple requirements, acting as a community platform as well as a way for people to interact while gaming. The app also offers screen sharing and video calling options for up to 9 people. These features are built into the app on install, meaning that there is no need to download additional programs to get this to work. All these features make Discord one of a kind in the market in the current day and age.

Today we will explore and configure the screen sharing and video calling features on Discord and detail a step-by-step process to access and make use of the same.

How To Enable Screen Share And Video Calling On Discord

Setting up Discord for Screen Share and Video Calling

Access the Setting page on Discord by clicking the ‘User Setting’ icon right next to the username in the lower-left portion of the screen.


From the menu displayed, Under the App Settings, click on Voice & Video. The chat settings for voice and video chats can be adjusted from here.


To access the video settings, scroll further down and select the video camera from the drop-down menu. You can test the video by clicking the Test Video button to the far right of the screen to ensure everything is working properly.

This step is important to check because in case you are using Discord over the browser, it is important to enable camera access for your camera to work. In such cases, click Allow on the pop-up that appears on your browser. This grants Discord permission to use your camera.

Adding Friends to your List

Calling is not possible if you do not have the people you want to call on your Friends List. The same holds true for video calling.

To add someone as your friend, simply click on Friends on the homepage of your Discord. This will list the friends already on your list.

Place the cursor over their name to see the option to begin a video call, or in case you have clicked on the name, you will be taken to Discord messaging. Not to worry, as a video call is accessible from here as well by clicking the appropriate icon.

start a video call on Discord

In case you are using the mobile app on Android or iOS, the video call option can be accessed by clicking the three-dots on the top right of your screen while in the messaging window.

Video Calling and Screen Sharing from the Desktop

Once the video call has started, there are many features you can use while on Discord. In case you are doubtful of what an icon does, hover over them and read the note that is displayed.

Expand Down Arrow

It is positioned in the far left. The arrow expands the video screen to the maximum height that you have set in Discord.

Switching On Screen Share

The first two icons at the bottom of your screen enable you to turn on screen sharing. The icon with a monitor and an arrow at the center is the screen share button. Click on this to share your screen. At any point, if you wish to exit, press on the second icon which takes you back to video calling.


While screen sharing, you get the option to either share the entire monitor or only a particular window. You can even switch between these two options by simply clicking on the screen share button again.

Another option Discord provides is to share sound while you share screen. Doing so will allow the people on the call to hear the various sounds or alerts emanating from your screen. To do so, simply toggle the Sound option while in the Application Window.

Screen sharing is a Desktop-only feature, so mobile platforms do not allow this.

Leave Call Button

Click on this to exit the call at any time.

Mute Toggle And User Settings

At the bottom, to the right of the Leave Call button, there is a microphone icon. By clicking this, you get to mute or unmute your call.


Next to this is the User Settings icon that is similar to the one you have on your Discord homepage.

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Toggle Full Screen

By clicking on this you get to toggle between a full-screen video call and the current view that you have chosen.

Video Marquee

To make Discord look more polished and functional, you can use the video marquee option as well. While on a normal screen in a video call with multiple people, simply click on a user’s avatar. This will pull the video from that user into focus while piling the other into a marquee towards the right. This is useful when somebody is sharing their screen and you need to look at it.

Picture-in-picture View

While in a video call, in case you jump to another messaging window, or to another server, the video call will minimize itself to a picture-in-picture view and be visible over Discord’s interface. You can also move this window and position it out of the way. Video options are still accessible from this window. Clicking on the name in the top left of the window will revert the call to its previous state while clicking on the lower right will display options for screen share or video call.

Video Calling and Screen Sharing on Smartphones

As previously said, Discord does not support screen share on any of the mobile platforms yet. But there are other features that are enabled for Discord Android and iOS.

Audio Output (iOS only)

Access to this option is located on the top right of the screen, next to the Switch Camera icon. Audio Output option allows you to toggle between using your iPhone’s speakers and a wireless headset.

Toggle Camera

This option is the first option located at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this lets you switch the camera view on or off.

Switch Camera

Click on this to toggle between your mobile phone’s primary (rear-facing) or secondary (front-facing) cameras. This icon is displayed as a camera with a double-headed arrow.

Toggle Mute

This is located at the last of the options at the bottom of your screen. Similar to the desktop, this option lets you mute or unmute the call.


It is very apparent that Discord has become one of the fastest-growing apps with many users and communities utilizing the snappy and extremely functional features that this service can provide, and now we have explored why!

Coupled with the social aspect of it where people can come together based on similar interests and views, the communication side of it is also well fleshed out. The service does what it promises extremely well, and even more!

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