Discord: The First Love Of Every Gamer

When it comes to gaming, gamers prefer to use discord because this is the only software that was specially developed for them. It provides many features to the players, even in real-time multiplayer games. Along with the fantastic features, it helps gamers to find answers to two questions – How to talk to one another? And how to organize a group long enough actually to get a game going.

We can say discord is loved all over the globe because of its features that enable players to get in touch with each other. But this is not the only feature that put discord in the first place in the priority list of gamers. If you love to play with codes and love to learn new things, then yes, you can do many things on discord.

Let’s read further and find out why discord is the first love of gamers.

Voice Changers

As being one of the most loved apps by the gamers, discords offers voice changing feature for its users. Anyone can change his/her voice via several third-party apps. Discord users change their vocal sounds for fun or privacy.

If you want to modify your voice on discord, then you can install any of the below-mentioned Discord voice changers.

  • Voicemod.
  • MorphVox Jr.
  • Voxal Voice Changer.
  • AV Voice Changer Software.
  • ClownFish.

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Discord also took care of the users who love to use emojis in their text messages. It is well-known that using the emojis in a conversation is a good idea because emojis helps to express our emotions in text chat very perfectly.

For instance: Someone shared a funny message in a discord server, then without emojis, you could only send a lol. Which sometimes makes the situation dull. But when you post a funny emojis. It gives a sign that you enjoyed the message.

On discord, admin can add their own created emojis to the server and apart from it. They can make any emoji directly from a picture.

Find or Make a Discord Server

Just like the other apps, discord lets the users set up chat rooms, which are known as ‘servers’ to which you can invite other users. When you send an invitation to other users to your private server, they get a link that enables them to join. After joining, they can do either text chat or voice chat with other people using the same discord server. The best part of discord servers is that you can be a part of more than one server at a time.

If you want to discuss a specific topic, then each server can be broken down into “channels.” Each channel works the same as the servers, but these are just small spaces for discussions on specific topics. And many other customizations that you can do if you know how to code.


Just like WhatsApp, discord also allows the users to markdown the previous messages of other users. Earlier it wasn’t easy but undoubtedly challenging to talk on the last topics of the group chat. But now the previously sent messages can be highlighted with the help of below-mentioned methods.

  • Block Quotes.
  • Use Code Blocks To Quote Someone on Discord.
  • Using A Quote Bot.

The first two methods are effortless to do. But you prefer to get your work done by the bots; then you can go with the third option by which you directly fetch the whole conversation. 


Discord is a very fantastic app to use. It offers the best support for the CS Go players. Because this first-person multiplayer game always needs a proper tuning between the players and discord does this task very perfectly.

Do you use discord for PC gaming or you know any other application which can replace discord? If yes, then please let us know in the comments section below. We always love to hear from our readers.


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