How to Download YouTube Videos Directly From URL

Youtube is the largest video sharing website, Here you can find all kind of videos at one place. Many times we must have watched a YouTube video and wondered if only we could save that video to our device. If only there were a way to quickly download the video and save it for a later date.

Technically YouTube does not allow us to download their videos so it’s very annoying to stream your favorite video every time in order to watch it. Well, there are several software that allows you to save YouTube videos to your hard drive, but most of them are paid and there downloading speed is not fast enough.

But luckily, there are many websites that allow us to download YouTube videos online without using any software. The best part is you can download YouTube videos with your default download manager, Thus you can download it much faster. In this article, I’m going to show you the easiest method available to download any kind of YouTube videos easily. The process is quite simple, just follow the below steps.

How to Download Youtube Videos Online?


Using KeepVid

This is a very simple method and we demonstrate it by using, though there are such services provided by many websites on the internet.

  • Open the video that you want to download.
  • Highlight the text in the address bar, the area where you input websites, and copy the text
  • Open a new tab and go to
  • Paste the text that you have just copied into the text box
  • The thumbnail of the video should be displayed within a few seconds of pasting the text after which multiple options are displayed
  • Click on the Best Download option as this option downloads the best quality permitted by the video
  • You might be prompted to select the folder to download the file to. Do the needful.
  • Change the filename as required and press Save.

Using YouTube URL Trick

    • Go to YouTube and open the desired video you want to download.
    • In the URL bar you can see the link of the video, Just add ss in before YouTube.

For Example:       –    Normal Link    –    Modified Link
  • Press enter, Now it will redirect you to which will allow you to download the video.
  • To download the video click on the Download Video button, then choose a format. If you want high-quality video then click on MP4 1080p.
  • Now it will prepare the download link, once its completed Click on “Click Here to Download” and in a few seconds your downloading will be started.
  • It will automatically start downloading the video.

By Using YouTube-dl

Not a lot of free download services allow you to have a full HD experience when it comes to saving the videos. However, YouTube-dl is one such rare service that does so for free.

The software can be downloaded for free on their website. Once you have downloaded the software install it on your computer.

If downloading and installing are not desired, there is another way for this software to work. You can run the .exe file directly from the command prompt window, or the terminal if you use macOS.

For example, from the command prompt, to download an HD video, all you need to do is run YouTube-dl.exe URL, where the URL stands for the web link of the video you wish to download in HD.

Still, Have Some Problems?

Can’t I download a private video?

As of yet, we cannot download private videos as the Youtube download service does not have the required rights to access those videos.

I still can’t download the video

While using the online third-party website if you are still unable to preview the video, make sure the video itself is working. Open the page in a new window and check if the video has not been made private or deleted. Then, return to the download website and try again.

That was it, This was the easiest method available to download YouTube videos directly from URL. If you want to download YouTube videos on your smartphone then you can use this app.



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