How to Fix Bad Sectors on HDD Without Losing Data

Bad sectors on HDD is not a big deal it usually occurs when we use a computer more often. It is a corrupted part of the hard drive that has lost the ability to save data. If the hard drive has some hardware issues than we can’t fix them. The methods mentioned below only works when your hard drive has some software issues.

Few symptoms of bad sectors are :
Windows hangs or freezes a lot.
The hard drive has started to give loud noise.

Methods to fix bad sectors on HDD :

There are many methods to fix bad sectors on hard drive. The first one that we are going to discuss doesn’t require any third party software, we are going to use windows inbuilt tool and if it is not able of solve the problem then we will use the second method that requires a software but it will definitely solve the issue.

Method 1 :
Windows has an automatic disk checking tool that is able to easily repair all the bad sectors on the hard drive. 
  • To get started we need to launch the command prompt with administrative rights so first click start menu – type cmd in the search box – right click cmd and select Run as administrator.
  • Now in command prompt type the following command: chkdsk c: /r
  • In the above command “c” is the drive name for which we have to scan and repair bad sectors.
  • It will start scanning and will automatically fix all the bad sectors.
  • If you are getting the below message then type “Y”. Now it will scan the drive next time when your system will restart. 


What if the above method doesn’t work? don’t worry we have an alternate method which worked for me. I was getting “Hard disk may fail soon” error. After using this method I have successfully fixed that error.

Method 2 –
This method requires software called HDD Regenerator which repairs or reconstructs bad sectors of hard drive without losing any data.

  • So first download HDD Regenerator and install it.
  • Now plug in a USB device on your pc and launch HDD Regenerator.
  • Navigate to Regeneration on the menu bar and select Create Bootable Flash.

  • Select your USB device and hit Ok.
    Fix bad sectors using hdd regenerator




  • That’s it now restart your pc and plug in your USB it will automatically scan and fix all the bad sectors on your HDD.


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