Windows 10 to Replaces Internet Explorer with New Spartan Browser

Replacement for Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer always had a bad impression on it’s users and developers but with the release of internet explorer 11 in windows 8, Microsoft finally have develiered a flexible browsing experience to internet explorer users with a great appealing user interface. But the recent release of Mac OS x Yosemite Microsoft top competitor Apple has took over the race with the latest update of safari by adding  tremendous features that are’nt supported by any third party browsers yet.

Thomas Nigro, a Microsoft Student Partner also lead developer of latest version of VLC media player has recently tweeted that Microsoft has been building a brand new browser for windows 10. Okay so Microsoft will be building a brand new browser and it will not be named Internet Explorer 12. According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley its code name is Spartan and it will have the capability to support extensions. Its user interface will be likely similar to chrome and firefox or we could also imagine that it could be a combination of both. Microsoft has also reported that Spartan browser will be more lighter and flexible than internet explorer.
Spartan browser with make its debut on all windows platform including windows mobile too, Foley also suggested that Spartan may also be available on Android and iOS, but spartan does’nt use Webkit it uses Microsoft’s Chakra Javascript Engine so it will not be accepted in Apple App store because :
According to apple’s guideline “all apps should iOS webkit framework”.
Althought we can’t claim that it would be surely named Spartan, it’s just a codename for now and  it can be updated anytime before the release of windows 10. With the start menu back in windows 10 the preview version has been appreciated very well, so it would be more exciting to see the other features of Spartan browser.

On 21 january, Microsoft is going have an press event in Microsoft’s Redmond Campus, Washington where we could get more additional information related to Windows 10 as well as Spartan browser.


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