How to Transfer Files From PC to Android Using WiFi


It’s very boring to connect USB data cable each and every time to transfer files from PC to Android device. Also, the file transfer speed is also not that much great and if you are transferring gigs of data then it might take several minutes or maybe hours to transfer that data.
So there is a very easy solution for this problem that is using WiFi to transfer files. Yes, we can use WiFi to transfer files and the best part is the transfer rate is great. Within a few minutes, you can transfer Gigs of data.

So before starting I like to mention a condition that you need to take care of while transferring files from pc to android using wifi.

Note – Your PC and Android device need to connect on the same wifi network.

As we need to transfer files using wifi then obviously we need our devices to be connected on the same wifi network. If you are using a router then it’s great you can easily do so but if you are using a LAN connection then you must check out my tutorial on how to create WiFi hotspot in Windows PC by using this method you can easily connect your device to the same wifi network.

Okay so lets start, First of all you need a application called Software Data Cable on you android device that makes file transferring much easier.

Download Software Data Cable

Unlike other software, it doesn’t require a server version for your computer as it uses the same wifi network. So follow the below guide to transfer files from pc to your Android device.

How to Transfer Files From PC to Android 

  • As mentioned above make sure your PC and Android device is connected to the same wifi network.
  • Now launch Software Data Cable on your android device. It looks something as shown below
          Transfer Files From PC to Android Using WiFi
  • So just click on Start Service as shown below.
Transfer Files From Android to PC
  • Now you will get an FTP address. Using the FTP address we can access all the files from our Android device. 

Transfer Files From PC to Android Using WiFi

  • Open Windows Explorer or Computer and in the address bar type the FTP address that you’ve got from the software data cable.

Transfer Files From Android to PC

  • After that hit enter and then you can access all the data of your Android device within your pc. Now you can easily transfer files from your PC to Android and vice versa by using simple copy-paste commands.

Transfer Files From PC to Android Using WiFi

  • Cross check the ftp address twice before typing it in the address bar, If you entered an invalid ftp address then it won’t work.
  • You can get more information & tutorials regarding the application by clicking on info button present in the bottom left corner.
That was it, A quick & easy guide on how to transfer files from pc to Android or vice versa using WiFi. If you have any doubts then don’t forget to ask them in comments.


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