How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook 2016

Looking for how to hide your friends list on facebook ? Well privacy has always been an important topic on social networking websites. But fortunately facebook allow us control almost everything like who can see your profile, status, photos, albums etc. Even you can chat with limited number of  friends that you want. You might have seen many people’s friends list are hidden because they don’t want to reveal there friends list on facebook as many people start adding your friends blindly and trust me its really embarrassing. So this tutorial will guide you in hiding your friends, followers & following list on facebook.

How to Hide Friends List on Facebook ?

  • Login to your facebook account & go to your profile.
  • Now click on the Friends tab located below your cover picture.
  • On the right corner click on Manage option and select Edit Privacy.

  • You can see edit privacy pop up window, Now just change who can see your friend list  to Only Me from the drop down menu.

Pro Tips –

If don’t want anyone to view your friends list then change the privacy to Only Me.
If you want to reveal your friends list to your friends but hide them from friends of friends or others then change the privacy to Friends.

  • Click the close button and your setting will be automatically saved.
  • Similarly you can also set the privacy of Following & Followers, If you want to hide your following (the people you follow) then set it privacy to Only Me.
Well I don’t recommended you to set your friend list privacy to friends, It always better to keep your friends list totally invisible so always go with only me.
Hope these instructions helped you in hiding your friend list, don’t forget to share this awesomeness with your friends.


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