How to Hide Last Name on Facebook

Do you want to hide last name on Facebook? But Facebook has a strict policy that doesn’t allow us to use a single name. There are some countries whose residents don’t use the last name, So Facebook has different policies for such countries & they officially allow them to use a single name on Facebook. Indonesia is one of them whose residents have the right to use a single name on Facebook. So how could we hide our last name on Facebook? Well it quite simple, No there is no need to migrate to Indonesia! Here’s how could we do so.

So there’s something called proxy servers that will make our life easier. The concept is very simple we just need to change our IP address to an Indonesian IP address so that Facebook will assume that we are Indonesians and they will happily allow us to remove our last name from Facebook! So let’s begin, just follow the below steps to hide your last name on Facebook.

How to Hide Last Name on Facebook 2015

How to Hide Last Name on Facebook?

Instead of dealing with proxies we can just use an extension which will automatically change our IP address.

  • First of all sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Now download & install Hola Better Internet from this link – Download Hola Better Internet
  • After your download is completed, click on Hola extension on the top right corner next to the URL bar.

  • Now click on More… to browse more countries and select Indonesia from the drop-down list.

  • Now it will automatically set an Indonesian proxy for your chrome browser.
  • Click Here to navigate to your Facebook setting’s page.
  • Go to language and select Bahasa Indonesia as the primary language from the drop-down list, Now simply click on Save Changes.

  • This will change your language to Indonesian language and now we could easily hide our last name on Facebook.
  • Click on Nama (Which Means Name) and just remove your last name or leave it empty. That’s it we are done just click on Save Changes to save all your settings.
  • Now you have a single name account on Facebook. Just turn off Hola Better internet and change your language to English (US) back again.

Note – You won’t be able to again change your name within 60 days. After 60 days you can change your name again.

If you face any problem in hiding your last name on Facebook then feel free to ask in comments.


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