5 Best Computer Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Computer tricks are never-ending concepts, If you know some of the best computer tricks then you can use your PC like a ninja. So today we have picked some of the most useful tricks that you can apply in your daily computing life.

If you think that I’m going to show some computer hacking stuffs then you’re at the wrong place, Here I’ll show you some handy computer tricks that will make your computing life easier.

Best Computer Tricks You Should Know About

1. Creating an Invisible Folder

1. Right-click the targeted folder and select properties.

2. Now navigate to the customize tab and select the change icon.
3. Just select the icon located next to the windows CD icon as shown below.
4. Now we need to hide our folder name, so right-click the folder and select rename.
5. Now hit alt key and type 0160 or 255.
6. Just leave the alt key and hit enter.
7. Your invisible folder is ready.

Note. To find your invisible folder just hit ctrl+A and all your folders will get selected. Now you can easily locate the invisible folder.

2. Hide Your Drives in Windows

1. Click start and search for cmd.
2. Right-click cmd and click on Run as administrator.
3. This will launch the command prompt with administrative access.
4. Now type diskpart and hit enter.
5. Then type list volume to get the list of all your drives
6. Now select the drive that you want to hide.
7. So type select volume n (n is the volume number against the drive you want to hide).
For Ex. select volume 1.
8. Now type remove letter C (C is a drive letter) and hit enter.
For Example. remove letter C (this will hide c drive)
9. That’s it, now your drive is hidden.

How to Unhide the Hidden Drive?

1. Again click Start and search for cmd.
2. Right-click cmd and select run as administrator.
3. Now type diskpart and hit enter.
4. Then type list volume and hit enter.
5. Now select the hidden drive by typing “select volume n”(n is the drive number against the drive you want to unhide).
For Ex – select volume 2.
6. Now type “assign letter C” and hit enter. (C is a drive letter)
For Ex. assign letter C
7. Done, your partition will is visible again.

3. Creating an Undeletable/Unrenamable Folder

1. Hit win + R to launch the run window.
2. Type cmd and hit enter to launch the command prompt.
3. Now type D:  and hit enter (Replace D with the drive letter where you want to create the undeletable folder)
4. Type md con and hit enter. (md. make directory)
5. Now you will face an error shown below while deleting the folder.

Now How to Delete that Folder?

1. Again open the command prompt and navigate to the directory by typing. D: (Replace D with the drive letter where you want to create the undeletable folder)
2. Type rd con (rd. remove directory)

4. Shutdown PC using a timer

1. Right-click on your desktop then choose a new and select shortcut.
2. Now in the textbox type shutdown -s -t 10 and click next.
Note: 10 is the number of seconds before your computer shuts down.
3. Now hit =finish and you’re done.
4. You can change the icon by right-clicking then select properties. change icon and choose the one that looks cool.
To abort the shutdown schedule simple create another shortcut and this time in the textbox type shutdown -a.

5. Disable USB ports on Your PC

1. Hit win key + R to launch the run window.
2. Type regedit and click ok
3. This will launch the Registry Editor.
4. Navigate to
5. On the right-hand side, double click on Start.
6. In the Value Data textbox, enter 4.
7. Click on OK.
8. Close Registry Editor and refresh your desktop.
9. To enable access to your USB ports, again change the value of start to 3.


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