How to open Adfly, Linkbucks in India – Bypass Adfly, Linkbucks

As we know that in India “Department of Telecommunication Recruitment” blocked some of the torrent and similar websites which contains copyrighted material and for any other reasons. You may surely heard about Adfly and Linkbucks shorten URL service which pays for clicking on the shorten links. But for some of the reasons they both are also blocked in India and some other countries. I am are going to discuss some methods for bypassing Adfly, Linkbucks and other websites in India and other blocked countries.
bypass adfly linkbucks


#Method – 1: Try to change your DNS server addresses.

  • Go to desktop. Right click “Networks” and click on “Properties“.
  • Click on “Local Area Connection
  • Now click “Properties” and select “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click “Properties“.
  • Now to change your DNS server addresses choose (If it is automatic) “Use the following DNS Server addresses“.
  • Enter preferred DNS server:
  • Enter alternate DNS server:
adfly bypass
(Note: You can use other public DNS servers too.)

#Method – 2: Only to bypass Adfly.

  • Add v2 before every adfly links.
  • Example,

#Method – 3: (This will works for bypassing all blocked sites including torrent as well.)

  • Try to Use HTTPS.
  • If you open any adfly or Linkbucks link on your browser you will surely get message like this-
This site has been blocked as per the instructions of competent authority
  • Before every link try to add https instead of http. Example,
adly bypass

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