5 Reasons Startups Should Buy SSL Certificates Quickly

As been a blogger, I myself came up with a question that why I should buy an SSL certificate? And I hope many other bloggers might think the same. So I decided to write this article which describes why it is important to buy an SSL certificate. First, let’s see what SSL actually is and why we need it?[no_toc]

What is SSL?

Not being so technical, SSL (acronym of Secure Socket Layer) is a security standard used to encrypt sensitive information sent across the internet. SSL allows us to send sensitive data such as credit card details and passwords to be transmitted securely. This helps visitors to be more confident while submitting their confidential details over a website.

Why use SSL Certificate?

When the data is normally sent between browsers and a website it is in plain text. So if an attacker is able to fetch the data then he can see and steal that particular information. When an SSL certificate is used, the sensitive information that is sent is encrypted (unreadable to humans). This helps to protect visitors/users information from hackers.

So now you know the basics of SSL Certificates so let’s check out the top reasons of why should every startups and all online businesses should use SSL certificate on their website. Below tips can helpful to those startups that are in online business as well as some other ordinary businesses and looking forward to build a secure image over the internet.

Top 5 Reasons Startups Should Buy SSL Certificates

There are several reasons to grab an SSL certificate, but below I have explained some of the top reasons that will force you to quickly buy an SSL certificate.

1 – Gain Your Customer’s Trust

If a website has an “EV SSL certificate” then browsers usually show a green address bar with a lock icon, so this makes sure to visitors that their connection is secured. It also converts your URL from HTTP to HTTPS which describes the website is secure. Check the below image from ClickSSL. Authorized SSL Certificate Seller who provides popular brands of SSL Certificate like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL at a very cheap price.

This indirectly helps us to gain visitors’ trust and they will be more likely to visit your website again and again. It also helps visitors to feel safe while buying products or services online from your website. Startup businesses have to establish themselves in a very effective way to gain customer’s trust and an SSL Certificate is one of them.

According to Gartner Surveys, almost 70 percent of visitors don’t do transactions on websites that don’t use an SSL certificate.

2 – Encrypts Information

This is the main and the most important reason to buy an SSL certificate for Startups. SSL encrypts sensitive information which is been sent over your website. Encryption is really important to provide a secure browsing experience to your visitors. If a visitor thinks a particular website is not secure then he will never mind in leaving the website as he has tons of other options.

What information does SSL Encrypts? 

SSL Encrypts information’s which you don’t want to share with third parties. Some examples include:
* Registration information
* Personal contact data
* Credit/Debit Card information
* Shopping cart and order information
* Financial transaction data

3 – Provides Authentication

This makes visitors sure that the credentials they are sending from your website are reaching out to the correct server and it is not being hacked by some bad guy. As you know the easiest way to steal someone’s credentials is by phishing technique, as obvious it’s very difficult for a hacker to get an SSL certificate hence reducing the chances of phishing as most people don’t do transactions on the site which is not having an SSL certificate.

Pro Tip – Once you install the certificate then don’t forget it’s expiry date because once it gets expired then it will decrease your online reputation. Recently we have seen one case where Instagram forgets to renew their SSL Certificate and gets huge BOOO on social media. Check out the below image. SMALL THINGS MATTER!

4 – For Accepting Online Payments

As per credit/debit cards policies, you need to an SSL certificate on your website to secure your customer’s data. This is a must need thing if you are selling some product or service online.

5 – Considered As Ranking Signal

According to Google’s recent report they told that HTTPS will be considered as a ranking signal. It means that websites using SSL certificates are rewarded with higher search ranking, as compared to sites that do not have SSL certificate. As sites secured with SSL certificates are securing their visitor’s information to totally create a secure browsing experience.

These were some of the reasons to buy SSL certificates quickly.


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