50 Best Windows 8 Themes – Minimalist Themes

Frustrated with the old and default theme on Windows 8.1? Looking for some new third-party themes for Window 8? If yes, then you’re are at the right place. In this article, we are going to help you find some new third-party themes with good looks. As Windows supports to change the default Windows theme with third party themes we will give you a list of 30 themes, so that you will be able to change that boring and default theme with a new theme with dashing looks. But to apply for any third party theme on windows there is a procedure before that, which we are going to explain in the steps below.

 Procedure To Install Third Party Themes   

As we all know that the collection of third-party themes we’ve given is much better than the official Windows 8 themes. But to apply these third party themes on Windows 8.1. There is an easy task to do which we are going to show you in the steps below:- 
  • First of all, you need to patch the UxTheme.dll file with the UxTheme.dll Patcher, Download this Patcher Here
  • After the .Zip file is downloaded, extract it to any specific place you want. This patcher is a portable file, so you don’t need to install it anywhere.
  • Launch the patch tool and make sure the “Set Windows X’s Live as Default home page” is unchecked.
  • Now simply tap the Patch button and leave the rest work to be done automatically.
  • After all steps are done, reboot your PC for the changes take effect and now you’ll be able to change your default Windows theme with a new third party theme.
So, without wasting further time let’s move on to the Themes.

50 Best Themes for Windows 8


2. Mac Theme


3. Metro 8

4. 8 Plus

5. A Touch of Colour 

6. Gnomnit Dark
7. Colours


8. Flatty


10. Adobe CS6 

11. CamVs

12. Base
13. Snow Leopard

14. Holo Visual 

15. Abbiso

16. Glow 


17. Christmas



18. Simplex


19. WhiteDior

20. Snowy

21. Onue

22. Ditch Dark

23. Flattastic


24. Letein


25. Metro X

26. Embedded

27. Aero Glow 

28. Aero By Design
29. Claro
30. Elegant

31. Metrofinaty 

32. Metrofinaty 2

33. Black Red

34. Exo

35. oZano

36. Grey-Blue ML

37. Cisl

38. X-Red

39. Cat Do 2

40. Mac Elone

41. Mac White

42. Maverick

43. Mimi

44. nOVA

45. Flex Tone

46. Discovery

47. Space Blueberries

48. Ine Vs

49. Simplex

50. Licorice

Wrapping Up!

That’s the list of 30 best Windows 8.1 Themes, download them on your PC and give your PC a new funky as well as stylish look. We hope that you’ll try all of them to find out a theme which suits your personality perfectly. 
Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and close ones. Thanks for reading, hope you’d enjoyed this.  


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