How To Delete Your Kik Account Permanently?

Kik is growing very fast with over 240 million downloads on both google play and app store. It is as similar to BBM messenger, It allows us to send text and voice messages to other Kik users. This can be quite addictive and might be decreasing your productivity or wasting a lot of your precious time. So to kill this addiction the best way is to simply delete your Kik account.

There might be several reasons why you need to delete your Kik account. Some of the reasons are:
  • Kik takes lots of memory and thus it decreases the performance of your device.
  • You are addicted to it and wasting lots of time.
  • Tired of so many messaging apps and want to remove some.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Low self-esteem.

Some important points to keep in mind while deleting your kik account permanently:

  • All the data related to that account will be lost (Which includes Friends and chats)
  • You can’t register a new account with the same username and email as it is deactivated.
  • If you want to delete your current account and create a new one using same email id then you can first change the email of current kik account and then create a new account using the old email address.

How to Delete Kik Account?

You cannot directly delete the account using the app. To deactivate your kik account completely you first need to reset it from your smartphone and then you need to use kik’s official deactivation page to permanently delete your account.

Reset Kik Account On Your Smartphone

  • Launch kik on your smartphone and tap on settings.
  • Tap on Your Account option as shown below.

  • Tap on Reset Kik Messanger.
  • You’re done. This will remove all your data including friends and chats.
  • Now to deactivate your kik account permanently follow the below guide.

Delete Your Kik Account Permanently

  • Navigate to to request deletion of your kik account.
  • Now enter the email address which you have used to register your kik account.

Forgotten Your Email? 

Don’t worry just move to kik app on your phone. Click on settings and tap on your profile. Now you can find your email ID and other details,

  • Check your email, You will get an email regarding your account deactivation. If you haven’t received the email yet then be patience and check it out after 5 minutes.
  • Once the email strikes your inbox, Open the email and click on the confirmation link present at the bottom of the email. Refer the below screenshot :

  • This should permanently delete your kik account.
If you have any doubts then do add them in comments. Also, read our article on how to block Facebook on your computer.



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