Best Facebook Auto Poster and Scheduler in the Market

There are so many Facebook auto posters in the market, In fact every month a new social media marketing tool is introduced and yeah most all of them are effective. But what do we really need in a great Facebook marketing tool ?
Well these are some things which you can expect in a great Facebook marketing tool.

Simple User Interface.

I have used so many tools and one of the most common problem all of them share is complex user interface. Seriously I don’t need a Jarvis like interface to simply post on multiple Facebook groups. Most of the tools requires us to create a Facebook App, Well this is really difficult for a non-technical person.

No Facebook Jail :

This might sound little bit complex, But Facebook jail simply means your Facebook account may get temporarily or permanently disabled. If Facebook team thinks that your account is operated by a bot then they will instantly disable your account and I have gone through this phase several times. It is caused due to those stupid apps which we have to create and allow them to operate our account.

Cheap Price :

Off-course we need something which fits our budget. If you take a look at other social marketing tools, Their plans plan start from $15-20 a month which is the basic plan and it allow us to hardly post 50-100 per day. If you want to post more then you need to upgrade the plan.
So let me introduce you to the best Facebook Auto Poster,Facebook bulk scheduler or whatever you call it. It’s called Ninja Blaster and now let’s check some of it’s awesome features.

What Ninja Blaster Can Do ?

Ninja blaster have lot’s of great features. But I have only explained some of the selected features which are useful for Facebook marketing.

Auto Group Joiner :

I was amazed when I used this feature, All you have to do is add your keywords (For which you have to join groups) and hit start. It will automatically join tons of Facebook groups related to that keyword. You can also apply some filters like if you want you can only join groups with over 1000 members and so on. If you don’t know which keyword to use then you can use ninja blaster’s keyword suggestion tool which will give you tons on niche related keywords.

Facebook Auto Group Joiner

Facebook Auto Group Poster :

This is what many people want, They want to automatically post their picture, link or video to all of their Facebook groups. But Facebook is very strict, If you try to post in all group at once your account may get banned. So ninja blaster provides us to delay between each post we make. You can post in as many as groups you want without getting Facebook jail.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

Facebook Fan Page Scheduler :

If you are owning a fan page (Off course you might be) then you will love this, Facebook fan page scheduler allow us to schedule unlimited photos in a single click. In simple words you can add 1000’s of pictures at once and the Facebook scheduler will  automatically post it the rest of the month.  You can grow your Facebook page on autopilot. So now there is no need to daily add photos to your fan page manually.

Facebook Fan Page Scheduler

These were just some of it’s feature, there are lots of other amazing features which will blow your mind. You can checkout the below screen shot to take a overview of all it’s features :

Did you remember at the starting of the article, I have provided a checklist of the best Facebook marketing tool. Here’s how ninja blaster fits totally in the above checklist.
  • It has a very simple interface, Even a 5 years old kid can use it.
  • Totally secure and hidden like a ninja, So your account won’t get disable until you send lots of friend requests to random girls. And yeah it does it doesn’t require a Facebook App which is mostly the reason of getting your account blocked.

So how much does the ninja cost?

It just costs $57 a year, And if you like to pay monthly then it’s only $9.95 a month.
But wait ninja blaster comes in a 3 days free trial. In the trial version, you can access all its premium features.
Grab your free trial now >>



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