How to Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Software

Facebook videos are trending these days. Recently Facebook added video autoplay feature which automatically plays videos on your news feed. This feature annoyed most of the Facebook user, But not a big deal you can easily disable videos from automatically playing on Facebook. So when it comes to funny videos some of Facebook pages are doing a great job in sharing some really hilarious videos and which I personally love to watch such videos. Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook had a video downloading button so that we could easily download Facebook videos which we like the most. But don’t worry in the article I have shared a very easy tweak using which we can save Facebook videos in our PC or mobile device.

Download Facebook Videos On Your Computer

  • First head towards the video which you want to download.
  • Click the video to play it. Now right click it and you will get three options – Play, Mute and Show video URL. You have to select Show video URL.

  • Now copy the URL which is popped up.

  • Open a new tab and paste the copied URL, It looks something like this –
  • Just replace www with m , So now the new URL becomes –
  • Press enter to navigate to the link, This will open the mobile version of Facebook, 
  • Play the video and again right click it, This time you will find the option ‘Save video as..’ Select it and save the Facebook video to your computer. 

Download Facebook Video On Your Mobile Devices

To download Facebook video on your android or iOS device follow the below guide :
  • The steps are similar both on iOS as well as android devices.
  • Launch chrome or android default browser and login to your Facebook account.
  • Search the video which your want to download, 
  • Click the video to play it, Long tap on it for more option.
  • Now you will get the option to save the video. Just click the Save video option and the video will start downloading.

So this was it, A quick guide to download videos on Facebook. So instead of depending on some external software you can use this method which is quite fast and reliable. This method works well with public as well as private videos. The video quality is not so bad but if you want to download 
the video in hd then you have to click the hd button on the video before downloading it.


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