Fix “Some Settings are Managed by Your Organization” in Windows 10


I was just playing with some settings in Windows 10 and I suddenly noticed a warning message which says “some settings are managed by your organization”. Because of this error or warning message I was not able to make any changes in some of the settings. So if you’re facing the same issue then just follow to get rid of this warning message.

How to Fix some settings are managed by your organization in windows 10

This warning message is usually faced in Windows Updates and Privacy section in settings. So you need to follow two different methods in order to get rid of this warning in both these sections.

Method 1 – Remove the Warning From Windows Update

This method removes the warning message from Windows Update section. Works for both Windows 10 Home and Pro edition.

  • In the Start menu, search for Gpedit.msc and open it.

open group policy editor to fix some settings are managed by your organization error

  • Now on the left-hand side click on Computer configuration » Administrative Templates » Windows Components » Windows Update.
  • On the right-hand side look for Configure Automatic Updates and double click it.

configure updates

  • Select Not Configured and then click the Apply button.

not configured

  • Restart your computer and this message should no longer appear in Windows Update section.

Method 2 – Remove the Warning From Privacy

This will remove the warning message from the privacy section. This method only works for Windows 10 Home edition.

  • Use the shortcut key Windows + I to open settings.
  • Once you are in settings click on Privacy.
  • Now on the left-hand side click on Feedback & diagnostics.
  • Under diagnostic and usage data select Enhanced from the drop-down menu.


  • That’s it, this will remove the error from the privacy section.

Follow the below guide to remove the warning message from privacy section in windows 10 Pro edition.

  • Again in the start menu search for Gpedit.msc and open it. This will open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  • Now on the left-hand side look for Computer Configuration  » Administrative Templates  »  Windows Components » Data Collection and Preview Builds.

allow telemetry

  • Once you are in Data Collection and Preview Builds, on the right-hand side find Allow Telemetry and double click it.
  • Now first under Allow Telemetry select Enabled and from the drop-down menu select 3 – Full as shown below.

enable telementy

  • Click Apply and then further select Ok.
  • You’re done, Now you should no longer face “some settings are managed by your organization“ warning while making some changes in your system settings.

So these were few methods to fix some settings are managed by your organization warning messages in your Windows 10 PC.



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