Earn Money on Mobile Traffic: Best Mobile Monetization Solution  

With a constant growth of mobile market publishers need to find specific monetization tools, that will help them utilize mobile traffic to its full potential.

Clickky, an international provider of mobile marketing solutions introduced its universal platform for mobile traffic monetization for mobile web and mobile app. The Clickky platform was founded in 2013 and provides access to more than 20,000 mobile ad campaigns at the very moment, offering an excellent opportunity to maximize revenue.

clickky-reviewClickky supports the following ad formats: banner ads, video, native advertising, app walls and interstitials. The ad sizes are adjustable, so you will not have any problems with specific devices. The Clickky platform provides solutions for both iOS and Android app developers. The integration process is extremely fast and easy, without any SDKs that might ruin your app code.

When it comes to creatives, they tend to be quite appealing and will not disrupt your design. While everyone is fed up with irrelevant ads shown on their mobile apps or websites, Clickky targeting technology ensures that the displayed ads will be matched with your audience. Also this will help maximize the fill rate.

The Clickky platform offers high eCPM rates and provides full control over the ad placements and ad campaigns. Also their user interface for publishers is quite convenient and drastically reduces the ad campaign set up time.

Clickky works with CPI and CPA ad campaigns, concentrating on the actual actions of the users. Nevertheless, the platform provides exclusive offers from top advertisers from all over the world.

The support is full time with experienced professionals ready to help you with any issue. They are quite knowledgeable and will help you unleash your revenue potential.

Clickky features the following:

  • More than 20K mobile ad campaigns
  • Global reach
  • High eCPM rates
  • Easy integration process
  • Mobile web and app monetization
  • Exclusive offers
  • Knowledgeable support
  • Lots of appealing creatives
  • Diverse ad formats
  • Detailed reports
  • A user-friendly interface for publishers and advertisers

The platform delivers more than 100K clicks monthly, helping thousands of developers monetise their mobile apps and websites.

Сlickky was tailored for the needs of mobile publishers and provides full set of tools for mobile traffic monetization. All in all it is an excellent solution for those who want to explore diverse marketing opportunities of the mobile-first era.


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