How to Do a Reverse Image Search (4 Easy Ways)

There might be a certain situation where you want to find the original source of a particular image. Maybe you found a great picture and want to know more about it or you are a photographer and want to know which websites are using your photos, whatever the reason is here’s how you can reverse search an image to find it’s original source.

Using Google Reverse Image Search

google reverse image search

  • Now you will get two options either paste the image URL or upload the picture you want to search.
  • In this case, I will upload the picture so click on upload an image and upload the picture.
  • Once the image is uploaded it will show the image source and some articles where the image is being used.

search results

If you are using the Chrome browser then you can use the shortcut method. Simply right-click the image you want to reverse search and select “Search Google for image”.

search google for image

Pinterest Visual Search Tool

If you want to search for a particular object within an image then Pinterest visual search tool might help you. This is a great tool that lets you find relevant pictures from Pinterest.

  • Suppose I want to find the earphones shown in the below image.

pinterest image

  • So login to your Pinterest account and then hover on the picture and click the search button (magnifying glass or fry pan icon).

pinterest visual tool

  • Now make the selection of the object which you want to search and on the right side you will get all the images related to that object.


Karma Decay (For Redditors)

Karma Decay is a reverse image search engine for Reddit. If you are a regular Reddit user then karma decay can be a great tool to identify duplicate submissions.  You can also use it to reverse image search for Google, Bing or ImgOps.

  • Just go to and upload the picture you want to find. Again you have two options either you can upload a picture or paste the image’s URL.
  • There are a few filters that you can apply. I usually don’t use any filters.
  • Once the picture is uploaded it will automatically show duplicated submissions if found any.
  • At the bottom, you will also get options to reverse search pictures on Bing, Google or ImgOps.


  • Simply click on any one of these search engines and it will automatically search for the source of the image.

How to Do a Reverse Image Search on Mobile Phones

Google’s “search by image” option is only available for desktop it’s not available for smartphones or tablets. So you need to use an app or load the desktop website to perform a reverse image search on Google.

You can use this online tool to reverse search images on your mobile phones. Simply visit the site and upload the picture you want to search for.

Using the Chrome Browser:

Chrome browser has an option to load a desktop view of websites on your smartphone. It’s quite simple just follow the below steps:

  • Go to in chrome browser.
  • Click the options button and tap on the Request desktop site.

request desktop site

  • Now the website will load in desktop mode and you will be able to access the “search by image” option.
  • Pinch out to zoom in and pinch in to zoom out.


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