Best Features of an Online PDF Software

Portable Document Format also known as PDF is a very useful tool that comes handy these days to everyone ranging from students to career people. Everyone no longer uses papers, as they are going paperless, with most texts being converted to PDFs. Learning materials, Reports, and Books are being converted to PDFs and can be downloaded as PDF formats on the Internet and even for free. This is made possible with the help of online PDF software. A PDF converter is used in converting any format of the document to portable document format; it is mostly done online.

A good Online PDF software must possess very flexible features that are very effective for producing good PDF documents. Some of these features are considered as discussed below:


An online PDF software should not be very difficult for a new user to navigate. It should be easy for a technical literate person to use to convert a text to PDF online. A good online PDF software should not be one that consumes much data when being used. A good online PDF software should possess the ability to create PDFs from 300+ file formats, convert to an array of file types, edit the content of your documents, create custom forms, annotate your files, send and track contracts for electronic signature. It should give you the option of editing your file at any time, Modify the content and customize the structure of your documents to suit your needs better.

Advanced features

A PDF software should offer advanced security and collaboration features, should be easy to adopt, and should be able to increase productivity. You should be able to access all PDF functionalities in the cloud, from any mobile device. You can even prepare and send your contracts for e-signature directly through online PDF software. With multiple deployment options, volume licensing discounts and a dedicated support team, businesses should have it all for good online PDF software. A good online PDF software should be able to offer you the opportunity to E-Sign Forms, go paperless, send and collect legally binding e-signatures, create fillable digital forms such as invoices and surveys. A good online PDF software should offer you the option of OCR. No more retyping. With the innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, you could transform scanned documents and images into editable PDFs.

A good online PDF software should offer you the opportunity to Connect on the go, PDF on-the-go. It should be able to offer you the opportunity to Connect to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Evernote. Use most features on any device directly through your web browser. Similarly, it should give its users the opportunity to try Online for Free for a specific period in which after this expired period, the users can decide to pay for the services rendered by the software. You should be able to review your document easily with an online PDF software.

There are several online PDF softwares out there such as SodaPDF, which is also an efficient software for viewing and editing PDF documents. SodaPDF seems to be one of the leading Online PDF software based on online recommendations and reviews.


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