iPhone 8 Concept, Specs, Features – Everything You Need to Know

Apple is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of the iPhone this year and so they expect their iPhone 8 to be another reason for celebration as well, in 2017 iPhone 8 is supposed to be launched. Though the time period for this launch has a long wait but the curiosity of this double celebration has already hit the market and many predictions and rumors have been anticipated about the iPhone 8.

The company will be testing more than 10 sets of iPhone so we all know that what we will be getting is the best of best devices.

Now there have been so many rumors about the features of the device that we do not really know which one is true? But hey! There is no smoke without fire and these rumors are not entirely baseless as well. Feras Antoon points out the leaked details of the new iPhone 8.

Expected Features Of the New iPhone 8


The iPhone 8 is expected to have a 5.8 OLED display which will have an integrated touchpad ID. The new iPhone 8 wants to be thinner in size and consume less power and still give away better display and higher contrast ratio as well.

Screen size, now initially the Apple phones has one rigid size but ever since iPhone 5 you can find larger screen phones as well, now the iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8″ screen with measurements similar to the 4.7″ iPhone.

Edge to edge display, now this is one of the features that has been anticipated in the past as well, but this time as the company is focused more on aesthetics we believe them to have this feature.


The front camera of the iPhone 8 has a front facing camera as well which may also include 3D sensing; the company has taken this technology from the Prime sense. According to the prediction of the features of Apple this phone will be having both the vertical camera and dual setup camera for the front facing Face time camera.


iPhone 8 will also be having a faster A11 processor that is going to help you with smooth functioning.

Wireless charging, Plug INS and charging are very boring and carrying a charger also becomes hectic, now understanding this problem iPhone 8 has come up with wireless chargers. This phone will be having electrical pads and other gadgets so you can conveniently charge your phone.

Built Quality

Now to boost the aesthetics of the iPhone 8 it will be having complete glass body with aluminum cover, so this will be something new that the iPhone has never done. And people are anticipating the looks of this phone to be killer.

iPhone 8 leaked image

No headphone jack, did you know that iPhone just ditched the headphone jack? And the company is in constant efforts to make it easy for you to purchase headsets and devices that are compatible with your new device. The previous generations of iPhone also didn’t have these headphone jacks.


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