10 Best Free Download Manager for Android


Now everyone owns an android smartphone, the prime reason of this being that it is quite user friendly. People prefer to buy only android phones now because of the awesome features and ease it offers to all the users.

Billion of android users and billions of needs of applications, but people only have the default version of download manager.

The users have started complaining about the speed of these download managers is not optimal, and the reason is that the default version of the download managers is limited to a speed and so having some additional and third party download managers is now become a need of the hour.

The download managers give a better downloading experience to the users and following are the best download manager for android.

1- Turbo Download Manager 

One of the fastest download managers as it boosts the speed up to 5 times than the default one. As this app uses the HTTP connections to optimize the speed.


  • No limit on the file size.
  • Background process.
  • A user will get a sound notification on download.
  • One can even configure directory settings.

2- Download Manager for Android 

This app is a great replacement to your default download manager, with this application you will not be getting any unnecessary options in preference other than the basic features. This has a high download rate so you can run everything in this application.


  • User friendly interface.
  • Web page book mark management.
  • Voice search.
  • One can easily resume, cancel and even pause the download which is in progress.

3 – IDM Download Manager 

One of the best download manager for android, the primary reasons of this being very famous among users is that it has a computer version of it and the brilliant speed. Any videos and apps can be downloaded using this manager.


  • The address bar gives auto suggestion from the history of your downloads.
  • Java scripts are supported
  • The Google search in an integral part of the download manager
  • Support’s HTML 5 web pages and even videos.
  • Supports all the files with no limit

4- Download Accelerator Plus

This boost your speed of downloading so much that you smoothly download any application. This is must tool that every android user must have. The application also helps to resume the auto resume option.


  • The app supports direct downloading on your SD card memory instead of phone.
  • Free installation with n no of features
  • All the types of files are supported
  • Not only android but other browsers like chrome are also supported

5- Downloader and Private Browser 

An all in one download manager as it allows you to download the music, photos and videos all in one go. And one can save their all private files in one folder locked with a password. With this only you can actually access your data and use.


  • The user can store and download the data in private folders and use secretly.
  • Play all your files within the app itself.
  • It has a multi tab browser just like the Chrome and Firefox

6- Free Video Downloader

The user of this download manager can download the applications from anywhere, the data downloaded from many websites also gets redirected to the application only. This is like a one shop stop for every user, you need to have a favorite browser that is integrated to the application and then choose the file.


  • The application is completely free for use
  • User friendly browser
  • Can download multiple files all together
  • Facebook integration and is actually translated in 14 different languages

7- Loader Droid 

This is similar to the download manager application, though this can be paused and resumed anytime during the file download.


  • Auto pause while it is connected to the internet.
  • Resume when the connection is proper.
  • Boosts the speed of the download as it parts the downloading files.
  • The dark and light theme is in it for the user’s reference.

8 – Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader
Price: Free

This app comes with a guide built in with it which guides you about how to shift the applications to this download manager. This is the best download manager application as it supports multiple file download at once.


  • Can easily rename the app.
  • Easy pause and resume.
  • Manage to shift the file download in SD card.
  • Progress bar notification.
  • One can even copy and paste links to download files.
  • No diminishing speed cause of multiple download.

9- Advanced Download Manager 

This application captures the downloadable file and also supports the browsers like chrome, dolphin extra.


  • User can download three files in one go.
  • Using the multi-threading option one can increase the speed.
  • Save different files in different folders.
  • One can even schedule the file download.
  • Backup all the files that are downloaded on SD card.

10 – Download Blazer

Download Blazer
Price: Free

A very user friendly application that is the best for download manager for android, boosting your download and making it very reliable to use.


  • Pause and resume anytime between the download.
  • Continue the disconnected download.
  • One can even organize their download in a queue.

So these are the 10 best download manager for android smartphones, they even support on other platforms and browsers like chrome and Firefox. You can download these from the Google play store and use them simultaneously with the default download manager in built in your android phone.

They provider many features and functions in comparison to the default ones, pick your suitable download manager and now download multiple files all at once with complete ease and without any hassle.

These applications are free of cost and are easy to download and user friendly as well.



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