How to Fix WiFi Connection Failure Error in Android

In the technology driven world the first thing that we all do when we reach home is turn on our WiFi and connect with people, browse through all our social media accounts and update ourselves. But, what if you face some “Wi-Fi connection failure” error while connecting to your WiFi.

So how do we solve this problem? By rebooting the Wi-Fi router again and again, Well if you have this problem too then don’t worry we have been solving a lot of connection problems lately and we had come up with some great solutions.

How to Fix WiFi Connection Failure Error

First lets dig out some reasons why WiFi connection failure error occurs.

  1. Android is unable to scan the Wi-Fi network – Well if this is the main issue then too there can be many reasons behind it, there can be n number of reasons as to why the android is failing absolutely while it is trying to connect the Wi-Fi network.
  • The difference in the frequency band.
  • The Network you are trying to connect is hidden.
  • You are trying to connect to an AD-HOC network.
  1. Another possibility is that the WI-FI connection of the network you are trying to connect is very slow , there are many things that a proper and smooth functioning of internet requires and they are-
  • The range of the Wi-Fi also matters, one has to understand that every WI-FI router has its own range and it will work accordingly only. And to find this out try other routers as well and know more about your device’s range.
  1. Wi-Fi connects all the time – Well many times we also have a unusual connection problem and many are not even aware of such problems.
  • The Wi-Fi sleep policy, well there is a section in the android which mainly runs this policy so people can even face WiFi connection failure error due to this problem.
  • Check your router, there is a high possibility that you are router is become old and it won’t last any longer so people must know more about their router’s expiry as well.

If the above solution don’t work then you can try the below method.

All you need to do is reset your router to its default settings, follow the below guide.

  • Make sure you’re PC is connected to the WiFi router.
  • Open your browser and type this address in the URL bar –
  • Now it will ask for the login details of your router. In most casdes the ID & password both are: admin.
  • Once you’re logged in go to System tools > Factory default.

  • Now here click on Restore and you’re done.

People who are facing this problem might be surely irritated but they must know that either their android phone has some software issue or the router you are trying to connect is very old & faulty. But according to many of the experiences the problem is with the router, either its old or the range is low. Very few times the Wi-Fi sleep policy of your android phone cause WiFi connection failure issue,  try moving or being close to the Wi-Fi router and evaluating the difference and the connection of your Wi-Fi on your android phone.



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