10 Hilarious Prank Apps for Android/iOS To Fool Your Friends

Admit it! We all love to play pranks on our close ones, but how do we do it in a better and a smart way? Pranks have been played since forever, but now with the evolution of technology, everything has become digital and so are the pranks.

In the world of the smartphone where everything can be done on the tip of the fingers, one can now even play some fun pranks on their friends and family using prank apps. Many of these applications are based on traditional ideas and ways of pranks.

10 Best Prank Apps for Android & iOS


1- Voice Changer with Effects

We all have had those days where we wanted to play a prank on our close one by changing our voice, no matter how much we ever tried we always got caught. But not anymore because of this application, this one is for all android users, and it has 30 different effects, and one can even save their recordings and share them with your friends whenever you want. For all the pranksters the application is absolutely free for use.

Download – Android

2 – Ghost Prank

Somewhere we all believe in ghosts, and we all have certain friends who are totally scared and freak out with this, the ghost pranks are always fun and to see the reaction of the people is worth it. To give everyone this experience, this prank application is designed, and it edits your photos in such a way that you get a ghost effect. Not only this but one can also add flying pictures and some other creatures to it as well. This application is available on Google Play Store and App stores both.

Download – Android | iOS

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3 – The Fake Sneeze Application

Well, pranks go on to a hilarious level as well, and this is one of those examples.  One can just simply set the number of times you want your application to make the sneeze sound and irrespective of how far your phone is kept one can still hear the voice the number of times you set. You can make everyone wonder and ponder on from where the noise actually came.

Download – Android 

4 – Prank Pack

Now all the applications are just giving you the advantage of one prank but this one is the whole package, people who are looking for conducting n no of pranks on their friends or family. They can simply use this application, as it offers you about 6 different pranks and one can download this prank app for android as well as iOS.

Download – Android | iOS

5- Lie detector Simulator for Fun

We all must have wished this at some point of our time, that having a lie detector and to test people. However, now we can even manipulate the results of it. Ask hilarious questions to your family and friends and freak them out with your results. One can even use the application on kids to know more about if they are lying or telling the truth.

Download – Android | iOS

6 – Crack Screen

Now one can crack their screen and freak other people out, when we buy a new phone we take utmost care of the phone. What if you use this app to show you cracked your new phone, especially your parents? This application is best for all the Android users as it is available on the Google Play store as well. The reaction to the screen is priceless, and it is even a win-win situation cause you to get a reaction when they get their normal phone back.

Download – Android | iOS (Similar app)

7 – iTorturer

Hidden sounds and people wondering where it is come from? Well, this is the best prank, and with this application, you can do it all. This can create a very high-frequency sound so that everyone can hear and there are some songs which are completely free, and some of them have to be bought by the people after paying quite an amount. One can even divert people’s attention and make them wonder for a long, long time using this application.

Download – iOS | Android (Similar App)

8 – Scary Pranks

Though we have dozens of times where we can scare the crap out of the people but few of them are very scary just like this prank application. This has multiple sounds and one freak out a person totally. This application is the scariest of all other applications and has multiple features and effects which can actually shock and scare a person. Pick up the light ones and kept it short while you are using this application.

Download – Android

9 – Tv Remote Apps

Fighting with a sibling for the remote is one of the memories that every child must have had while growing up. But now you can make it a prank as well, one can control all of their devices and applications if they synchronize all of their applications and use it as a center point. With this application, you can secretly change the channels and use it at a rapid fire rate. Well before anyone knowing also you are secretly changing the channel and for others it is nothing but shocking and magic.

Download – Android | iOS

10- Fake GPS Prank

People believe that they cannot bluff their GPS and current location, but now this is all possible, you can actually get a fake GPS prank and can easily change your current location to any foreign land, so for everyone can you can actually be a gypsy and roam the world. People use this at the time when they lie or can even shock people with their exotic locations and fool people with it.

Download – Android

Bonus – Naked Body Scanner

You can use this app to remove cloths of your friends and see them naked.  It is just a simulator but you can fool your friends by telling them that this app can remove your clothes.

Download – Android | iOS (Similar App)

So now we have given you n no of applications that you can download and use and spoof people around, these all applications are reliable for all sort of pranks. With this, you can cheer up everyone and change the mood and vibe of the people to something fun.

Prank apps for smartphones are just for fun and some spice in the boring environment, and now you are able to do it with ease and technology on your very own smartphone.


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