5 Common Myths About Technology

As the world is developing, technology is becoming a strong part of our lives or we can also say technology is ruling our lives. Majority of people, irrespective of their age are becoming tech-savvy. We are completely dependent on technology even for small tasks, as technology offers a more relaxed life one can even sell books sitting at home with the help of a website like booksrun.com just with one touch.

Isn’t it amazing?

In early days, technology was used for communication purposes only but now with development, you can do amazing things just at one touch. Technology has also helped in generating income, many college children sell textbooks online on websites like booksrun.

But with the development of technology, many myths have also been conceived. Today, we will prove all these myths and misconceptions related to technology wrong.

Web is Internet

The most common misconception people have, many people think that the web and the internet is the same, it is just two words used for the same thing.

But, in reality, the web came into existence and works only due to the internet. It works as a base or you can also say a support system. The Internet basically has plenty of things going on it, Web is just a part of that application.

Battery Draining and Charging Cycle

It is a myth that once your phone has fully drained the battery then, only it should be put up for the charge. If one doesn’t follow the above-mentioned step, soon the phone will lose its ability to take a full charge.

This is a Myth, this used to happen in older days but now with transforming technology smartphones have been developed which gives one ample functions and doesn’t possess any such limitations.

Better Camera Quality in Proportion to the Pixel

We all enormously feel that we can only click a good picture with a camera possessing a high pixel rate. Fortunately, this is not true the fact is this that there are many other factors that determine the quality of your image like A

Camera’s lens, photographers understanding of lighting.

If one keeps in mind these factors it can change the quality of your images to a great extent. People fail to observe these facts while capturing pictures which leads to the creation of such misconceptions.

Deleting Files from Recycle Bin will be Deleted Forever

Formerly, all of us think that if we delete any sort of application from the recycle bin, then it is deleted forever. Let me correct you, this is a myth when one deletes the file it just frees space on the hard drive. But still, the fragments of these files are left on the drive that can be retrieved. You can check our article to recover permanently deleted files.

Cookies are harmful for your device

Web cookies are taken as a big threat of an upcoming virus in your device. This is not true; web cookies are just text files of certain websites which are stored on one’s device in order to manage browsing. Web Cookies cannot access, modify or use any of your personal files or settings without prior permission.



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