Top 15 Sites Like Craigslist – Best Craigslist Alternatives

Craigslist is the most popular website to buy and sell used stuff online. Sometimes it may not be the best choice for you and you might want an alternative. If you are into buying and selling stuff online, and looking for more platforms to do so other than craigslist, then you must follow the below-mentioned list of websites like Craigslist to sell items.

15 Sites Like Craigslist for Buying and Selling Stuffs

1. Facebook 

I am sure everyone might be aware of Facebook, As it is a popular social media website. We have found something good in this also, now so many pages and Facebook accounts promote and make sales of their products by selling things online.

If you are finding it difficult to sell things on craigslist then you can try selling it on Facebook, it even offers easy keywords to the people to get noticed by people.

2. Letgo 

In addition to Facebook, letgo is one of the best alternatives of craigslist. And frankly, it does a better job as it categorizes the product list very well.

You can even find additional items for sale from the seller when you click on the product listing, and it is very safe for the sellers as well the buyers.  If you want to create an account on letgo then you have to verify your Google as well as your Facebook account.

3. Recycler

If you live in a big or a popular city, for instance New York, then recycler is a good option.  It has about 18 million users in a month, so if you use this website, you can pitch to a large number of people in one go.

Recycler is even used to buy or sell pets, cars and even to promote houses on rent. One can even boost their sales on recycler by paying and getting the specific targets to your products.

4. Oodle

This is one of the biggest competitors of Craigslist, as it also lists out the products from other websites like eBay. This is a great way for buying and selling products, as eBay attracts a huge number of visitors. It even allows the users to connect their promotion via Facebook to maintain transparency and for creating reliability as well as they get a safer experience when people trade on Oodle.

5. Bookoo 

A bookoo is a very friendly alternative to Craigslist, the user can actually list the items individually on this website. The bookoo locations are located all across the country, and quite a few of them are close to the military locations to make it easy for the military people to buy or sell. It has more than 20 lakh users currently, and the platform to use is very friendly.

6. Trove Market

Trove market helps the users to practically get anything and it exclusively sells second-hand(used) furniture for any room in your house.

Trove automatically uses the location of the user and shows the most proximate things available in the country. This is the best place to search for antiques in furniture and get them at the resale value.

7. Hoobly

Another great selling website is hoobly, the users can practically search any product over here. After trying this website for buying and selling you might even end up making more success than the craigslist.  The best part of this website is that it is free to post or shop on this website. So you can try this as it is not even risky.

8. Peerhub  

Peerhub claims to be a combination of multiple good websites like craigslist and ebay. This website allows the users to buy and sell in local markets but also across the country.

You can trade in cash, credit card and even in steem currency, if the users use steem currency it will eliminate Paypal.

This website it even has a social media platform so that the users can also review the products.

9. Penny Saver USA

Penny Saver is the best money saving alternative of the craigslist, earlier they were a newspaper but now they have moved online, and now you can find good local deals by just simply entering your zip code. The penny savers simply publish a printed edition as well.

10. US Free ads

This website has been in buzz ever since the year 1999, unlike some other websites it allows free posting of ads of your products for buying and selling but only for 2 products at one time. It even allows free membership to the users who are searching for good alternatives.

11. Locanto

This website serves to about 60 countries in one go, but this site does not accept paid ads from national sellers so not every listing mentioned over here will be local. Here the buyers and sellers get the opportunity to explore international buyers and sellers.  It is free to post ads to a city board and one can even pay extra to extend the advertisements.

12. Trovit 

Trovit is like a classified search engine that helps to buy and sell products; it has multiple online classified databases from home, cars and even jobs.

13. Ebay

EBay is the largest website with multiple sellers and buyers, this website conducts auctions and sales are delivered. Almost everything is sold on this website so including the furniture, electronics, and devices. So this is the best craigslist alternative for adults who are into some serious buying and selling.

14. Close5

if you are looking to sell in locally in San Fransico and LA, only then this is the best craigslist alternative are plenty of listings for the rest of the country as well. if you are a buyer or a seller you can find almost anything on this website. While you are browsing the product list then you will get a classic Polaroid picture.

15. Offerup

This is a small alternative of craigslist, though it still has quite a huge number of products listed. It has about 23 million of applications downloaded of it, sellers and visitors can also broadcast their advertisements on Facebook via this.  They can both receive ratings which can help you to makes the sales easily and keep the scammers to minimum.



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