How to Figure Out If You’re a Workaholic?

Usually working long hours at the job to earn much is considered being successful.
Do you usually feel like overworked? Being workaholic is seen as a badge of honour by the modern society.

But in reality being workaholic is a soul-destroying addiction which can change your personality. Are your friends and family always complaining about your work? If so then there might be chances that you are working excessively hard for long hours and you are on the road of being workaholic.

Being workaholic often results negative impact in relationships, health and even in the quality of work. A person can get easily get addicted to his work without knowing it. If you are struggling with your mental health in this unprecedented time of COVID-19, then you can reach out to BetterHelp today. Read more about BetterHelp.

Here a quiz which will help you to figure out if you’re a workaholic or not. This Infographic is presented by Wrike project management software cloud based

How to Figure Out If You’re a Workaholic - by Wrike project management software


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