10 Best Doctor Appointment Apps for Your Smartphone

When I say “a mobile application” one of the first things you likely have is “an entertainment”. Angry Birds, Pokémon Go, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger aren’t vital for us but they became a major part of our life and mass culture in general.

Yet, there are some services that are rather useful than entertaining. For example, startups in the field of healthcare have significantly increased the quality of medical services and enhanced access to them. Today we’re going to tell you about 10 awesome doctor appointment apps.

This article is also going to be useful if you’re planning to start your own doctor appointment app development since there you may find some cool ideas for your app. Read on!

# 1: Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand is a typical doctor appointment app. Also, it’s pretty popular as it has over 500 000 downloads from Google Play Market (not counting downloads from the Apple App Store).

The app has many advantages that you may consider when you decide to build a doctor appointment app on your own. What are they?

  1. A simple and intuitive interface which makes it super-easy to use Doctor On Demand.
  2. A built-in map with pharmacies around you, where you can get prescription drugs.
  3. You can also hold a video conference with your doctor instead of spending your time to visit his office.

# 2: Book Doctor Appointment

Book Doctor Appointment is not the most popular app in this field but it’s still a pretty good and convenient one. Despite it doesn’t have any real “unique” features that let this doctors appointment app stand out from competitors, Book Doctor Appointment is a great example of how mobile technologies can influence our everyday life and the quality of services we get.

The app connects 90,000+ doctors in India and provides users with fast and easy access to them on any matter. It’s also possible to look through doctor’s professional profile with info on his experience, education, and reviews from other visitors before making a final choice.

# 3: Pager

We get dozens of requests to make a doctor appointment app like Pager. This product was created by the co-founder of well-known Uber, and it really lives up to the public expectations.

Just like Doctor On Demand, Pager allows you to talk to your doctor in three ways: by using a texting chat, by making a video call or by visiting the doctor’s offline office. Yet, another Pager’s advantage is the ability to ask the doctor to visit you at home, in the office or even in the hotel instead of attending him yourself.

# 4: Zocdoc

Zocdoc is another convenient way to contact a certified specialist who can provide you with a qualitative medical aid. The general concept is as usual: find a doctor -> learn about him and read verified reviews from other patients -> pick up the date and time of the appointment -> visit your doctor!

The app has also one great idea for your own doctor appointment app development. Zocdoc app contains the interactive map of your neighborhood and doctors who are located nearby you. It’s a cool feature for ones who are looking for the closest option or need urgent help and don’t have time to ride very far.

# 5: Practo

Practo app is often listed among the best doctor appointment apps due to its multifunctionality. In addition to the doctor appointment booking feature, you also can:

  • order medicines and health supplements.
  • read health articles and tips.
  • consult with doctors on any matter, anytime and anywhere using the texting chat.
  • store your medical records.
  • set reminders for taking medicines, running and other healthy activities.

What’s the lesson? Developers bet on multi-functionality and won! According to Google Play Market, the app has over 1 million downloads.

# 6: KelDoc

Is doctor appointment app development a good idea for a startup? Guys from KelDoc, the Paris-based doctor appointment booking startup, managed to raise about $2 million of funding. It means your idea has a chance, too!

However, the app’s concept is pretty typical for the industry – you can find nearby doctors, learn their profiles and then set the date and time of the appointment. Yet, it proves, that sometimes it’s enough to create a pretty standard but qualitative product to strike oil.

# 7: HotDoc

This app is more like a minimum viable product since it has just a few core features. HotDoc doesn’t provide you with the ability to chat or hold a video conference with the chosen doctor. It also doesn’t offer any additional features to its users (like medicine delivery, reminders and so on).

However, it allows you to search by clinic name, and this feature is often missing in other doctor appointment apps. Having it in your own application may seem like an advantage in the eyes of some users.

# 8: Sminq

Sminq is another doctor appointment app that operates in India. The app has almost the same functionality as its competitors, so we will not repeat it for the eighth time. Yet, what is noticeable about Sminq (and what let us include this app in our list) that are 2 cool features.

Firstly, you can take a photo with your prescription and store it right in the app (you add it to the doctor who gave you it).

Secondly, it’s also possible to view the live status of your queue if you’re attending the doctor on a busy day.

# 9: Maven

If you’re looking for a typical example of doctors appointment app, Maven app is what you need! The app is also called a “digital health clinic for women”. What’s so special about it?

  1. The app doesn’t offer you to book an offline visit – you can get a consultation online. For this purpose the in-app chat and video calls are available.
  2. Maven has also a kind of supportive community, where users can hand together and share their personal experience. It makes the app closer to women since there they can not only get a piece of advice from professionals but feel that they are not alone in their pain.

# 10: Babylon

Despite the name of the app can confuse you, it has nothing to do with babies. Babylon is a personalized multi-functional healthcare service. Like Maven, the app provides you with the telemedicine services instead of visiting doctor’s office yourself.

You can also collect prescription drugs from a pharmacy of your choice within an hour. Prescriptions will be electronically sent there right from the app. If you wish, they can also be delivered right to the doorstep of your home or office.


This was the list of the 10 best doctor appointment apps. As you can see, mobile services have significantly changed healthcare and made it more accessible. And 10 applications mentioned in this article is the best evidence of it!



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