5 Best News Apps for Android

You might be thinking that why would we need these news apps when having the white papers encrypted with the daily happenings of the world? Well, the fact which insists us to divert our attention from these newspapers is the articles written on it. It happens many a time when these news editors kept on blabbering about a whole of the thing instead of focusing on the conceptual points. Even if the article is informative, we don’t get enough time to read it once. So, we shift our attention towards the app which delivers the news in a much more smarter and the advanced manner.

Best News Apps for Your Android Smartphones

1. News Republic

You just save the topic you wish to read and this app will grab the stuff, and with its sources, it will deliver the news efficiently. If you miss any of the current news, the app will automatically notify you regarding the trending topics across the globe. With the trending option, you can read the biggest news of the day without any botheration and tension. In the initial run, it might take some time to know your places of interest, but as the race will proceed, it would be definitely one of the best for you.

2. Podcast And Radio Addict

Sometimes you want to subscribe to particular news so that not even a trace of it could be left out. You think of an app that would automatically notify you regarding the particular news you have been subscribed to. Here is this app for you that will take care of all your problems. The app is a combination of RSS reader and podcast app where you are freely allowed to subscribe to any of the news. It also supports YouTube and Twitch channels so that the relevant information could be screwed out.

3. Awesummly

When we talk about the news app and if the discussion about this app doesn’t come in our mind then it would be like forgetting to pick the most glittering stuff from the heap of the shiny ones. It offers a number of features to the users which can hardly let to leave this app without scrolling down through its marvelous and the Prodigious features. It allows the user to share the best of the news to their close ones which you might not find in any other news app. Apart from sharing, it lets you read the news in the offline mode which is one of the best of it.

4. Reddit

Although this app doesn’t offer you the bombarding features like the other ones, it tights you back in its initial run. Once subscribed to this app you are allowed to swim deep into the world of anything you are thinking of grabbing the knowledge. Overall it can be said that it has been on the list among the best news app.

5. Flipboard

With the passing time, this app is gaining a warm response from the public and really its firing success is far more than appreciable. The app collects the information from various sources and presents to you in a magazine theme giving the better option to the users to grab the interesting part. What most attracts the user is its theme which didn’t allow the users to leave their seat after they have been finished with their work.

That was a whole bunch of amazing news apps that play very important in our daily life. If we missed out any of your favorite apps kindly let us know in the comment box below.


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